• You can edit text messages on your iPhone for up to 15 minutes after they’re sent.
  • To edit a text message on your iPhone, tap and hold your finger on it and choose Edit.
  • This feature is new in iOS 16 and only available on iPhones with the latest update.

Even when autocorrect is activated, typing errors can easily occur in texts. That’s why a new iPhone feature lets you edit texts even after you’ve sent them, so no one has to see your awkward messages.

Here’s how to use it.

How to edit text messages on your iPhone

Most importantly, note that you can only edit iMessages — in other words, texts sent to other Apple devices that appear in blue bubbles on your device. It doesn’t work with SMS messages like those used by non-Apple phones like Android, which are sent in green bubbles.

To edit a text message you’ve sent, tap and hold your finger on the message. From the menu that appears, tap To edit.

The Edit option in the Messages app on an iPhone.

Tap on the “Edit” option.

Apple; William Antonelli/Insider

You can now edit the text of the message any way you want – you just can’t delete the whole thing. When you’re done with that, tap the tick icon save and resend. The new version of your message will replace the original on any device you use to send an SMS.

You can edit messages up to 15 minutes after they are sent. After that, the Edit option will disappear.

Everyone you text will see the word Processed appear below your new message. When they tap on it, they can see the original text and any edited versions you’ve created.

The history of editing a text message in the Messages app on an iPhone.

If you tap on “Edited”, the editing history will be displayed.

Apple; William Antonelli/Insider

What happens when you edit a text message to someone who doesn’t have iOS 16?

We mentioned above that you can’t edit texts sent to someone who doesn’t have iMessage. But even if you iMessage someone, the editing feature still won’t work unless they’ve updated their devices.

For editing to work, the person (or people) you’re texting must have iOS 16 on their own iPhone, iPadOS 16 on their iPad, or macOS Ventura on their Mac.

If they haven’t updated their device, you’ll still see the option to edit your text. But instead of your new edited message replacing the old one, it’s simply sent as an entirely new message prefixed with the words Edited to.

An SMS conversation in the Messages app on an iPhone with a message that says

Editing a message to someone without iOS 16 results in two messages.

Apple; William Antonelli/Insider

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