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V rising handles technological advancement by locking certain recipes behind certain bosses. That makes it mandatory for you to kill these enemies in order to improve your gear levels. Octavian The captain of the militia is one such boss, and he will offer you some amazing rewards if you manage to defeat him. However, this is not an easy task as Octavian is a cunning old veteran and will use some devastating maneuvers against you.

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This guide will help you find Octavian, the militia captain, offer you a good battle strategy against him, and what you can gain if you achieve victory.

Octavian The location of the militia captain

Octavian The militia captain can be found in the Bastion of Dunleyon the East side of Dunley Farmlands. The bastion is teeming with enemies militiaand large packs will roam a variety of routes, making your quest to reach Octavian more difficult. rat shape can be a good option for sneaking past most of your enemies, but be careful not to warn them crier mob These will run away from you, ring their bell and yell for the guards. This will attract numerous enemies to the area and create even more problems. They’re very easy to kill, but stealth might be your preferred option to avoid potential trouble.


Octavian lies in one closed arenaat the very north end of bastion. A group of guards will be roaming the perimeter of his arena, so try to kill them before attacking him. You’ll need plenty of space to run around, so it’s a lot safer not having extra mobs to worry about. The arena is open air and has very little cover, so waiting is also recommended at night to avoid any risk of damage from the sunlight.

Because Octavian remains in a static location, usage is yours blood altar is not particularly needed to locate it.

battle strategy

Octavian The captain of the militia is a Combat level 58 boss who focuses on a wealth of ranged attacks to make you small His first spell is to cast a frontal surcharge that ejects a spinning sword as a projectile. being hit will beat up in the air and pull to Octavian, so he can combine you with another move. The sword moves fairly quickly, but has a very thin hitbox, so you should be able to dodge it provided you’re already in range.

Octavian’s next ability is a frontal cut that shoots out four spinning blades in a cone. They will knock you back on hit and deal heavy damage. Try weaving between two of the blades as they stick out quite a bit horizontally. This move will punish you for being in melee range, and it will be easier to stay far away lest multiple blades grab you.

The boss will summon regularly Militia Archers to help him, which will annoy you more than an actual threat. Try to knock these down quickly as they are pretty squishy and will allow you to get back to the fight. The number of archers depends on how many players fight with Octavian.

The third skill to deal with is repetition hyphen and lunge Attack. The speed at which Octavian moves isn’t exceptional and you should have time to get out of the way, but remember he’ll be tracking this more strokes – Stay on Zack and try to kite him until he’s done. They will / will stunned for a short time when you are hit by this ability.

Kiting is also the best strategy when it comes to dealing with Octavian Ultimate. He will start spin fast, If you get hit, he’ll deal you massive damage, and he will accelerate around the room and keep firing spinning blades. This ability can be very frantic and you should only focus on surviving as it will be difficult to deal any significant damage to Octavian during this time.

Try to stay as far away as possible and dodge any blades that come your way, but be careful not to run out of the arena as you risk resetting the boss.

For your spell choices, try running Sanguine coil, Chaos Volleyand Veil of Frost. This gives you a nice heal and shield for dealing with any chip damage you might take from the projectiles, as well as enough single target damage to bring him down in a decent amount of time. A Merciless Iron Weapon is your best option and choice of crossbow gives you even more safe ranged damage. Merciless Hollowfang armor is best for protection, and try to get something quality Scholarly Blood before to boost your spells.

Octavian The Militia Captain’s rewards

Octavian The Militia Captain grants you some important rewards and is absolutely a mandatory kill. His first reward is the Mirror Strike vampire power. This ultimate will make you rush forward and bounce between close enemies for three seconds, handling enormous damage and weakening their damage performance. It may be rewrite to prematurely end the effect, and you perform a final stroke in the direction of your cursor. This is a huge cooldown and should be your ultimate goal once acquired. The damage output is very high and can allow you to deal with a large group of enemies extremely quickly and safely.

You also get the anvil Structure blueprint, as well as the recipe for Dark Silver Bars. This will allow you to craft a new refinement structure required to craft the most powerful tiers of weapons. That anvil The following materials are required for its creation:

  • A primal blood essence
  • 32 dark silver bars
  • 12 reinforced planks

To start using your new one anvilOctavian also provides you with the recipes for Dark Silver Weapons. These are solid upgrades from Merciless iron, and you should try to craft them right away. You will also gain the ability to craft better armor in the form of Dawnthorn Regalia. This can be crafted at your place tailor benchand like them Dark Silver Weaponsare the second strongest Gear level in V Rising.

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