It might just be impossible to argue that mending isn’t the best enchantment in Minecraft. This enchantment makes it so that players’ tools and weapons are almost indestructible as the items, when equipped, restore two durability for each experience point earned. Since experience can be gained through farming, mining, killing mobs, trading, earning advancements, and pretty much anything else in the game, players will surely repair their tools faster than they can break them.

Mending is a special type of enchantment known as a treasure enchantment, which means it can Not obtained through traditional enchantment. It requires an enchanted book to perform, and the book can be applied to any tool or weapon in the game, from Netherite swords to scissors. The only limitation of mending is that it cannot be used on a bow that already has the Infinity enchantment.


How to get the repair enchantment in Minecraft

chest loot

To obtain a mending enchanted tool or weapon, players must find an enchanted mending book in the wild. These books can only to generate in particular the chests of natural structures, but it is still possible to get them in other ways. Mending Books can be found in chests in all of the following buildings:

  • dungeon
  • mine shafts
  • ancient cities
  • desert temple
  • forest villas
  • underwater ruins
  • Plunder Outpost

Any chest in one of these structures has a >10% chance of having an enchanted book, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be repaired. This means that although players will find many enchanted books on their travels, mending them is still fairly rare. Underwater Ruins and Desert Temple both have a higher-than-average chance of dropping books, and Desert Temple are guaranteed four chests, making both of these great options for searching.

However, the best structures have to be the ancient cities. These underground cities are full of chests and each has a 35.9% chance of containing a book; the best odds of all structures. Ancient cities are very difficult to find as they form deep underground in deep, dark caves, and they are incredibly dangerous. Players should be well stocked with wool upon entering to avoid accidentally summoning a Warden.

Villager Trade

Luckily, random chest loot isn’t the only option when it comes to getting the healing enchantment, meaning players who have exhausted all nearby structures are out of luck. Mending books can also be purchased through villager trades. Librarians can trade in enchanted books at any tier, and it’s completely random what type of enchanted books they offer, meaning it’s still extremely rare to see someone offer mending.

When a Villager offers mending, it costs between 10 and 38 emeralds plus a book. This trade can be performed up to 12 times before it is no longer offered. It is possible for the villager to re-offer the trade at a higher level, although players must make additional trades to level up to see. Players can also get discounts on trading if the villager is a recently healed zombie villager or if the villager was recently rescued from a raid.

Thankfully, villagers can be farmed indefinitely, meaning players can continue to produce new villagers. Using a villager farm to create baby villagers can easily force those villagers to become librarians. Villagers start out unemployed when they grow up and start looking for jobs. When they do, they will try to find an unclaimed “construction block” within a 48 block radius. You must be able to find your way to the block to make it work.

By locking the villagers in a small area with a lectern (the librarian’s site block), they will eventually accept their role as librarians. This also works with villagers who already have jobs, as they quit their old jobs when they can’t reach their construction blocks. Each lectern can only be claimed by one villager at a time, so players must kill villagers offering the wrong deals (or just build more lecterns).

However, players should get tired of the morons. Nitwits are villagers dressed in green who refuse to work. As such, players should not bother imprisoning them with lecterns as they will never become librarians.


If players don’t want to slaughter villagers until luck is on their side, they can opt for the much more reassuring option of fishing. Fishing gives players rare chances of catching non-fish treasure, and enchanted books are a possibility. When fishing, there are three different categories of catchable items: Fish, Treasure, and Junk. Treasures are the rarest, having a 5% chance of dropping each time you catch them.

If darling does caught, there is a 1/6 chance that this treasure is an enchanted book. If this book is fished, it can be any enchantment except Swift Sneak or Soul Speed, meaning there’s a very small but not impossible chance it’s a cure. Overall there is a 0.8% chance of getting an enchanted book, period. This can be increased when players enchant their fishing rods with Luck of the Sea, increasing rates to:

  • 1.2% for Luck of the Sea I
  • 1.5% for Luck of the Sea II
  • 1.9% for Luck of the Sea III

Altogether there will be one more unbelievable Rare find, but considering how powerful the enchantment is, that seems only fair.

Raid Drops

Finally, Mending can be obtained from rare drops in villager raids, but only for players playing on the Bedrock Edition. Similar to all of the methods above, almost any type of book can be dropped, so mending is not only not guaranteed, but extremely rare. The two mobs that have chances of dropping them are defenders and looters.

These two mobs have a 2/39 chance to drop an enchanted book, and that’s it only during raids. Killing them at their outposts or in Woodland Mansions will not benefit the players. This method offers some of the worst chances of getting patchbooks, but can be done in conjunction with villager trading, since defeating raids grants players discounts, and players have to wait while the villagers are breeding anyway.

To trigger a raid, players must enter a village with the Bad Omen effect active. These can be naturally formed or player created villages, meaning they can be built near scavenger outposts for convenience. To create a village, players must ensure that there is at least one villager and one bed, and these villagers should be protected from outside attacks. To trigger a raid, players must then kill an Illager Captain that spawns in a Plunder Outpost.

Illager Captains can be recognized by the ominous banners they hoist above their heads. After killing one, the player will be immediately hit by Bad Omen and should quickly rush to a village to start a raid. Players lose their bad omen effect if they die or drink milk or let an hour and 40 minutes pass.

The number of waves in a raid depends on the player’s difficulty. So if players are trying to maximize the number of raiders and defenders, they should play for At on Hard at least the duration of the raid. Hard Raids consist of seven waves with a total of 33 Raiders and Defenders, which means there’s a pretty good chance of getting an enchanted book in each raid.

Scavengers spawn indefinitely inside Scavenger Outposts, provided the block they spawn on is light level eight or lower. Similar to dungeons, they can even spawn when players are in the outpost. This means players can theoretically trigger infinite raids using just a single raider outpost to grind for books.

How to use the enchanted book

Once players finally get their hands on an enchanted mending book, they can use it with an anvil on any tool or weapon of their choice. Simply place the item in the anvil next to the book, and the player will have to pay an experience fee to infuse the item with the enchantment. The cost of the fee depends on the enchantments the item already has.

Minecraft has a maximum fee it can charge before it becomes “too expensive,” and the game doesn’t allow players to run it. This fee is 39 levels, which can occur when a player attempts to attach a repair book to an item that is already adorned with many enchantments. This should not be a problem under normal circumstances. For example, an Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Fortune III diamond pickaxe only costs nine tiers to add repairs, but over-enchanted items in extreme cases can must not have the enchantment.

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