Chromebooks have added many features since their inception, and more are being added all the time. The best Chromebooks combine great hardware with new features to create an amazing computing experience. For those who want to try the latest features early, changing your Chrome OS channel might be for you.

Let’s look at the available Chrome OS channels and learn how to change your Chrome OS channel.

What are the different Chrome OS channels?

Chrome OS offers three channels: Stable, Beta, and Dev. The stable channel is the regular Chrome OS channel that most people use. Google’s Chrome OS team has tested all the features on this channel. It is also the best channel to minimize problems with your device. Major updates come to this channel roughly every four weeks, and minor changes come every two to three weeks.


The Beta Channel is the next step up. This channel will have upcoming features before the Chrome OS team reviews them. If you want to try out features in front of the general public but want the safest way to do it, the Beta Channel is for you. The beta channel gets major updates every four weeks, and updates come more than a month before features go to the stable channel.

The last and least stable channel is the Dev channel. The Dev Channel is the best way to try out the latest Chrome OS features asap. This channel has many bugs but releases new features fastest. Updates come out once or twice a week to add new features and fix bugs.

Now that we’ve looked at the available channels, let’s look at how you can see which channel you’re on.

How to check which Chrome OS channel you are on

Before you decide to change channels, it can be helpful to see what channel you’re currently on.

  1. open that settings apartment
  2. Choose About ChromeOS on the left.

  3. Beat more details.

  4. In which channel Section will show what channel you are in.

Now that you know what channel you’re on, let’s look at how to change your channel.

How to change your Chrome OS channel

Whether you want to try new features or switch to a more stable experience, changing channels is easy.

  1. begin the settings apartment
  2. Beat About ChromeOS in the lower left corner.

  3. Choose more details.

  4. Press the change channel Button.

  5. Select the channel you want to switch to.

  6. click change channel.

When you switch from the stable channel, your Chromebook downloads and restarts an update to install it.

If you’re moving from the Beta or Dev Channel, the process is a bit more complicated. Make sure you have all your data backed up before initiating this channel change. In order to switch to a more stable channel, your Chromebook must be subjected to a powerwash, which erases all data on the device. Once this powerwash is complete, your device will reboot with the update installed.

You are now ready to try these new features or have a more stable computing experience.

It’s time to change the (ChromeOS) channel

Channels allow Chrome OS users to have the Chromebook experience they want. Users can try new features early or have as stable an experience as possible. Once you’ve found a channel you like, it can be helpful to check if your Chromebook has any updates.

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