Finally, The Bob’s Burgers Movie comes to its true home: your TV. Following in The Simpsons’ footsteps, the Belcher clan jumped from the small screen to the big screen for their latest adventure.

The date and time the Bob’s Burgers Movie was published online

When: The film Bob’s Burgers makes its debut in the US and Canada on Tuesday (July 12) and Wednesday (July 13) and internationally on July 20 (full details below). It should fall around 3:00 AM ET / 00:00 AM PT / 08:00 AM BST every day.
Watch in the US: on HBO Max (opens in new tab) or Hi (opens in new tab)
Watch in Canada and UK: DisneyPlus (opens in new tab) about star

The Bob’s Burgers film, which at its core has a slightly familiar problem (the bank is about to foreclose on the eternal restaurant), but it’s far more dangerous and emotionally volatile than ever. But yeah, Bob and Linda have been given a week to make that month’s payment to the bank, and that puts everything on the line.

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