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It looks like the movie world will be getting the full Nintendo treatment for years to come. While there were hints that we could see more of the video game company’s IP hitting the big screen, with at least one project on the way sooner or later, the overall picture remained a bit murkier. Until now. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Nintendo has acquired a film and production studio to incorporate into its core operations. And the only goal of this move is to bring more and more of their iconic games, titles and characters into feature films. It’s a logical step for Nintendo to do this and mirrors a lot of what we’re seeing across the industry.

Nintendo’s deal will see them acquire Dynamo Pictures Inc, which will become Nintendo Pictures Co. when the deal closes in the next few months. This deal is primarily a step to ensure Nintendo has full control over the movie titles it releases under its banner and no longer has to make one-off or major deals with other production companies to get movies made. It will also likely give the company full creative control to push out the films and titles it sees fit in the short and long term.

Now that deal will come after Nintendo has already brought one of its main properties to the big screen with another company. That will be the plan Super Mario Film that will be an animated production by Illumination and Universal. This company’s franchises include I – Despicable, sing, and The Secret Life of Pets. They’ve signed an impressive cast for the film, which pits Chris Pratt against Mario, Charlie Day as Luigi, Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, Jack Black as Bowser and many more. The film is set to hit screens on April 7, 2023. But he’s been in production for a while, so he’ll exist outside of this new Nintendo production deal.

But Nintendo isn’t short on other characters and games that could be filmed in animated form for years to come. Dynamo is currently an animated studio, so that should be the expectation at this step. Some names that come to mind would be Link and legend of zelda, all the people inside donkey kong, Samu and Metroid Kirby and of course anything Pokemon related. The latter already had a number of animated films alongside the live action Pokemon: Detective Pikachu.

When it comes to movies, TV, and streaming, there’s a content war going on across the industry these days. With so many streaming platforms on top of the larger movie game, there’s clearly an appetite to release as many stories as possible. This step by Nintendo fits right into this ecosystem and has been a long time coming. Once we learn that the deal with Dynamo Pictures is in place, we should learn more about the company’s plans as to which movies and titles we’ll see first.

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