The right time for an MCU version of World War Hulk has come and gone. Adjusting the plot now seems out of place in the MCU.

It’s too late for them MCU adjust a World War Hulk Film from the comic crossover event to the big screen. Rumors are currently circulating that some sort of World War Hulk-inspired movie might be in the works for the MCU. Some even suggest that this storyline could play out in the next stages of the MCU, making the Hulk himself the new main villain.

The World War Hulk event takes place immediately after the events of Planet Hulk. In the comics, the Hulk is seen as a threat by other superheroes namely the Illuminati including Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man and Doctor Strange and they send the Hulk into space where he can no longer harm himself or others. The Hulk lands on the planet Sakaar and becomes a gladiator and eventually king of the planet. When the ship he was originally sent on explodes and kills his wife, the Hulk returns to planet Earth to exact revenge on all the heroes who sent him into space in the first place. The planet Sakaar and Gladiator Hulk have already appeared in the film in the MCU Thor: Ragnarok.


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Although the events of Ragnarok While not entirely faithful to Planet Hulk, it was still the right time to adapt a version of World War Hulk into the MCU. The version of the Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok, where the Hulk is in total control, is the version that seems most capable of returning to Earth and wreaking some sort of vengeance on Earth’s heroes. While the MCU’s heroes didn’t send the Hulk straight into space, there could have been some sort of plot centered around this version of the Hulk rejecting the other heroes and how they viewed him as a monster and only used the Hulk when they did it needed his raw power to fight villains and save the world.

The timing is wrong for the MCU to adapt the World War Hulk

Hulk on the Thor Ragnarok poster.

Unfortunately, time is a right adjustment World War Hulk film seems to have passed. With the death of Tony Stark, it seems there is no longer a hero able or willing to send the Hulk away, presumably back into space. It’s currently hard to imagine what hero would be willing to banish the Hulk. Doctor Strange is the most likely, but it still seems like it’s out of character. Not to mention that the Hulk going back to space would be redundant since he just returned during the events of Avengers: Endgame.

The timing also doesn’t currently make sense given the Hulk has been stable since the events of Avengers: Endgame. Bruce Banner is currently in the form of Professor Hulk, possessing the Hulk’s strength but retaining Bruce’s brain and personality, so it’s hard to imagine what could happen that could lead to a switch and make him the villain. Bruce is now not remotely viewed as a threat by any of the MCU heroes, so something drastic needs to happen in the upcoming MCU Phase 4 and 5 films. The Beloved Hero Goes Bad and Seems Supposedly Redeemed Considering the Hulk’s current state in the MCU, there’s a lot going on.

While you see the Hulk fight with the other heroes of the world MCU would be fun to see the time for this has come and gone. After the events of Thor: Ragnarok was the only time a World War Hulk The MCU movie would have made sense, so now it would seem completely out of place. Maybe something will happen during the events of She Hulk or Thor: Love and Thunder that will make the possibility World War Hulk more realistic, but as it stands now, the moment for that is long gone.

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