Actors breathe life into their characters and the story through their performances. They transform themselves by customizing their characters’ personalities, looks, and mannerisms. Veteran actors, whether they’re part of an acting family or not, have devoted most of their lives to telling stories of all stripes.

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There aren’t many, if any, projects that they shy away from. From fast-paced action films to sci-fi thrillers to romantic comedies and family-friendly animated films, some actors can be seen and heard in multiple projects. Other actors have honed their craft to focus only on a specific genre, honing their portrayals of mysterious, complex characters.


Susan Sarandon (at least 100 films)

walking dead man (1995), atlantic city (1980) and Thelma and Louise (1991) might be Suzanne Sarandon‘s most notable roles throughout her acting career. These aren’t her only roles. Sarandon has over 165 completed and development projects. At least 100 of these projects span a wide range of films such as romantic dramas and thrillers.

In 1970 she played in the film Melissa Compton, the daughter of a wealthy businessman yeah. In 2021 she appeared in the Red Bird Walk. In 2022, Sarandon will appear in a few episodes of the TV series Monarch, while in 2023 and committed to play a lead role in the sci-fi film Blue Beetle.

Helen Mirren (at least 100 films)

Lady Helen Mirren usually portrays sophisticated, intelligent women like Dominique, the head of a modeling agency Raise Helen (2004), Morgana, a sorceress in Excalibur (1981) or The Queen of England in The Queen (2006). Mirren’s recognizable film role was in the long good friday where she played Victoria, the girlfriend of a crime lord who keeps an eye on anyone who threatens her boyfriend.

Mirren’s first film role was in Herostratus1967, where she played an advertising woman. She will act in the film sniffwhich is expected to premiere in late 2022, and the film Goldawhich will likely premiere sometime in 2022.

Jackie Chan (at least 119 films)

Hanging from the side of a clock tower or jumping from one 28ft building to another, no matter how extreme the stunt, Jackie Chan will probably run it. He even earned two Guinness World Records for most stunts by a living actor. With more than 142 projects completed and in production, he has starred and starred in over 119 films.

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Chan began acting in martial arts films in the 1970s, such as Shaolin wooden men (1976). In 2021, Chan appeared in the film Good night Beijing(Wan Jiu Zhao Wu). He will be the main actor of the film drive up(2022), where his character Lao Luo is a stuntman who rarely gets into financial troubles.

Catherine Deneuve (at least 120 films)

French films, mini-series and short films fill Catherine DeneuveCV. Out of 142 projects she is involved in, at least 120 of those projects are films. Corresponding France today, Deneuve is one of the most admired actresses of French cinema. Her famous role was in the 1964 film The Cherboug umbrellas (Les Parapluies de Cherbourg).

However, her first acting role was in the 1957 film as Une petite collégienne, or A Little College Girl The Twilight Girls. In 2021, Deneuve was one of the main roles in the drama Peaceful(De son vivant), where she played Crystal Boltanski, a mother who discovers her son has been diagnosed with cancer. She’s supposed to be in the movie habib in 2022.

Michael Caine (at least 128 films)

From the 1960s to the 2000s, Michael Cain was nominated for an Oscar every decade. Aside from his awards and nominations, he has over 176 projects that he has worked on or is currently working on and 128 of those projects are films. Some of the films in which he collaborated with the director Christopher nolanespecially the movies Interstellar (2014), The prestige (2006) and beginning (2010).

His first credited film role was for the film Hell in Korea In 1956 he played The National Servicemen, Private Lockyer. In 2021 he had a leading role in the dramabestseller, where his character, Harris Shaw, was a cranky author who refused to promote his book on a book tour. In 2022, Caine is expected to play Lord Boresh in the film Medieval.

Samuel L. Jackson (at least 130 films)

Samuel L JacksonThe portfolio of is rich in hits pulp fiction (1994), Kill Bill: Volume 2 (2004), and star wars movies. He reprized his role as Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films such as Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), Captain Marvel (2019) and Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019). Jackson has appeared in at least 137 films.

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His first film was together for days (1972), where he played Stan. In 2022, he voiced Jimbo, a respected teacher in Paws of Rage: The Legend of Hank. Jackson was cast in the film argyle (2022). It is expected to appear in 2023 The wondersas Nick Fury and Voice Vic in Garfield.

Danny Glover (at least 130 films)

Every movie from the Deadly Weapon Franchise might be the first movie that comes to mind when you hear actors Danny Glovers name. Glover, with over 200 projects to his name, has appeared in and acted in at least 130 films. These films include nominations and awards for best actor. His first credited film role was for Escape from Alcatraz (1979), where he played an inmate.

In 2022, Glover had a co-star role in the film press start, where he played a character named Cooper. He also appeared in the 2022 film American dreamer. He’s rumored to be starring in six future films, which have yet to announce a release date.

Karen Black (at least 150 films)

Karen Black’s decades-long career has been filled with dark characters who didn’t fit the status quo. Many, such as The Buffalo NewsHe remembered her in the 1970s as “the seductress of modernity”. Of the 206 projects she worked on, at least 150 were films.

Her most notable roles were in the movies Simple rider (1969) and Five easy pieces (1970). Black’s first credited film was the 1960 film The Prime Time, in which she played Betty. Her last films before her death were Wild in Blue (2015), She does not love me (2013) and Ooga booga (2013).

James Hong (at least 150 films)

James Hong‘s voice can be heard in countless animated films, such as To redden (2022), the Kung Fu Panda Franchise, and Sherlock dwarves (2018). However, animated films are only part of Hong’s extensive body of work. At the age of 93, Hong received recognition for his work, earning him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Weekly entertainment. Hong is credited with working on more than 454 projects, and at least 150 of those projects are films.

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China Gate(1957) was his first credited film role, playing Charlie, but most fans might recognize him for his role as Hannibal Chew in Bladerunner(1982). In 2022 he played Gong Gong in Everything everywhere at onceand is expected to voice Father Bests in the stop-motion film Wendel and Wild(2022).

Danny Trejo (at least 200 films)

Although he wasn’t originally a trained actor, Danny Trejo has completed or is in the process of completing over 425 projects. Of the 425 projects, at least 200 were films in which Trejo either starred or had a supporting role. One of his first credited film roles was in Runaway train (1984), where he portrayed a boxer.

In 2022, Trejo voiced the character Stronghold in Minions: The Rise of Gruand played as Dr. Garcia in the movie smile or hug. Trejo will not only appear on the big screen, but also as an avatar in the OlliOlli world action game. Minions: The Rise of Gru is currently in cinemas.


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