star trek Actor John Cho’s new dramedy do not let me go has garnered critical acclaim since its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year.

With John Cho (Hikaru Sulu in star trek) Starring as Max Park and newcomer Mia Isaac as his teenage daughter Wally, the narrative follows the couple on a cross-country road trip after the former discovers he is terminally ill.

With the promise of long-awaited driving lessons, Max convinces Wally to join him for his 20th college reunion on a road trip from California to New Orleans, while Max decides to stuff all the years of love and support he will miss with Wally in the time he left with her.

Mia Isaac, John Cho, don't make me go

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The film is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video this Friday (July 15) and whether it’s worth watching this weekend, the critics have you covered. Find out what the critics thought of the film:


“As with many tearjerkers, it’s not hard to see the emotional wiring behind it do not let me go. And while it’s easy to be cynical about a movie so finely tuned it makes you cry, it works.

“It works because of Cho’s wonderfully vulnerable and emotionally shy performance, it works because of the fun, awkward, authentic chemistry between Cho and Isaac, and it works because director Hannah Marks touches on a potentially devastating subject with a light, endearing treatment. “


“We might not like how it ends, but the journey to get there (and the twists and turns within) is joyful, heartbreaking and encouraging in equal measure. The only correct course of action? Watch it again and be amazed at how (and why) it was actually going.”


“Unfortunately, Marks’ low-key approach is spoiled by an awkward final act, set in a moment of narrative whiplash. It’s perhaps no coincidence that screenwriter Vera Herbert previously wrote nine episodes This is usa corny US drama series that rarely gets to your emotional throat in a subtle way.

“That’s why, do not let me go is an odd beast: a film that feels a little predictable until it snaps and pushes credulity to the limit. Thankfully, Cho and Isaac’s impressive performances are far more nuanced than the writing.”

Mia Isaac, John Cho, don't make me go

Prime video

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The Hollywood Reporter

“For most of its 110-minute runtime do not let me go is an absolutely sympathetic drama that is carried by a beautiful, lived-in chemistry between John Cho and Mia Isaac as a father-daughter duo. But a misguided choice of act three throws off its bittersweet mood and leaves a distinctly sour aftertaste.”


“A lot of it works because Cho is an actor incapable of striking a wrong note and the unknown Isaac suits him across the board, a fresh find who’s bound for great things. Kaya Scodelario hits all the right notes as Max’s on/off girlfriend Annie too.

“[Jermaine] Clement, who works in a different direction than before in his career (Flight of the Conchords), and [Jen] Van Epps both manage to overcome limited screen time to make strong impressions.”

do not let me go begins streaming on Prime Video this Friday (July 15).

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