This latest rumor about the Joker 2 plot is certainly interesting! There has been much speculation about new cast members joining the franchise. There are also indications that the film’s genre is taking a new direction. Now it has been rumored that the film will indeed have an important musical aspect.

Joker 2 cast

Joker 2 plot Image: Warner Bros.

So far we know Joaquin Phoenix is ​​returning joker 2. He will reprise his role as the title character, whose real name is Arthur Fleck. The original film had a lot of commercial success as well as rave reviews from critics. The film was intended to be a solo film, but its success led Warner Brothers to decide to open a franchise. We can expect that Joker 2 plot to show some elements of the first film.

An alleged addition to the film is pop star Lady Gaga. According to some leakers, the star is currently in talks with Warner Brothers to take on the role of Harley Quinn. Quinn is the Joker’s psychotic love interest, who previously worked as his doctor. She later becomes his accomplice. We previously saw Margot Robbie in this role suicide squad. However, Lady Gaga will reportedly be taking the mantle for this move. As such, this will have a major impact on the Joker 2 plot.

Recently, Gaga has starred in a number of successful films such as A star Is Born and House Gucci. Despite this, Gaga is best known as a singer. So that would make sense joker 2 would include some aspects of the music. After all, it would give Gaga another chance to show off her voice. in the joker, we saw how the main character’s mental illness split his conception of reality in two. Maybe the Joker 2 plot will do something similar for Quinn.

Joker 2 plot leak

Joker 2 plot Image: Warner Bros.

In the previous film, we saw Fleck trying to make sense of the world around him. His mother Penny, played by Frances Conroy, pretended Arthur’s father was Thomas Wayne, played by Brett Cullen. She manages to instill this delusion in Arthur. We see that these delusions affect Fleck’s understanding of reality.

Fleck meets a girl named Sophie. Fleck convinces himself and the audience that the couple is in a relationship. Only at the end of the film do we see that it was all a lie. So this idea of ​​an unreliable narrator is something we were able to see again in the Joker 2 plot. Perhaps part of this strange story will involve musicals. After all, joker showed how important music was to Fleck. This theory is called slide for two, and it has delighted many fans! The original film was a new take on superheroes and villains. So, the potential musical aspect of joker 2 would be just as refreshing if it were true.

Having Gaga in the new film will help with the musical ideas for the plot. Perhaps Fleck develops delusions about Quinn and imagines her dancing to music like him. We already know that Quinn will eventually fall in love with Fleck, so maybe those delusions are the trigger.

An experimental film

Joker 2 plot Image: Warner Bros.

If so, this would be quite an experimental take on the franchise and definitely something we’d like to see in the series Joker 2 plot. It would mean that Warner Bros. could explore the Joker’s mind in a unique way. Additionally, it would give other entries in the series more leeway. Maybe we could see other Joker delusions and explore other storylines.

Of course, Warner Bros. hasn’t confirmed anything about it yet joker 2 We don’t even know if Lady Gaga will star in the film, although there are strong indications she will be. If they decide to take this musical path for the joker 2 plot, It would certainly be a unique approach to the franchise.

What do you think of this potential musical? joker 2? Do you find it interesting or would you prefer if they avoided it entirely? What about the casting of Lady Gaga? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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