mad Men Fans will be thrilled to learn that Jon Hamm will be reunited with John Slattery on the big screen in the upcoming film. Admit it, Fletch, currently in post-production. Hamm’s career changed almost overnight thanks to AMC mad Men and while Don Draper showed the actor to be serious and intense, Hamm’s later plays showed an astonishing range, especially when he turned to comedy.

In addition, most of his theater projects have proved financially successful, with Top Gun: Maverick turns out to be a particularly stunning success. That being said, not every excellent Hamm film has been rewarded with positive financial returns, according to Box Office Mojo data.


10 Day (2018) – $54.7 million

Sign was perhaps the best major studio comedy of 2018, and while it didn’t flop at the box office, it didn’t break any records either. Released mid-summer, the film had the spark of energy found in the best star-cast comedies and benefited from cast chemistry that was as strong as the Hangover. The story is about five friends who dedicate a month each year to a tag game. However, life goes on whether they are adults or not, and things have changed drastically. One constant, however, is Jerry Pierce’s (Jeremy Renner) winning streak, which may be broken at his upcoming wedding.

Even with such a stacked cast, Sign carried a modest budget of just $28 million. For their investment, Warner Bros. saw the film open for just under $15 million, but it persevered before finally closing for about $55 million from domestic markets and an impressive $23.4 million from international theaters.

9 We Were Soldiers (2002) – $78.1 million

Captain Dilion receives orders in We Were Soldiers

We were soldiers may be one of Hamm’s finest films, but his role as Captain Matt Dillon is far from substantial, amounting to little more than a cameo.

We were soldiersThe 2002 worldwide total of $115 million might look impressive from the outside, but it also had a price tag of $75 million, making the Mel Gibson-directed Vietnam War film a flop. This is especially true given that Gibson’s career has been in good health and with little to no competition in the form of 40 days and 40 nights.

8th The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) – $79.4 million

Jennifer Connelly and Jon Hamm in The Day the Earth Stood Still.

While it may not be one of Keanu Reeves’ best films, The day the earth stood still gives the notoriously stoic actor far more to do than Hamm’s NASA official, Michael Granier. Hamm’s character is effectively responsible for bringing Jennifer Connelly’s character into the narrative to study Reeve’s alien Klaatu.

Scott Derrickson’s (Doctor Strange) Remake of the 1951 classic The day the earth stood still was neither a blockbuster nor a particularly memorable film, but it still managed to come close to its $80 million budget in the United States. Factor in $153 million from international territories and the film was a modest success.

7 Space Cowboys (2000) – $90.4 million

Jon Hamm in Space Cowboys

Space Cowboys is full of stars, including Hamm, but his role is limited to a tiny cameo appearance. Instead, the film focuses on Clint Eastwood’s Frank Corvin, who hires his old astronaut friends to help prevent a floating satellite from crashing entirely.

The Eastwood astronaut film had a budget higher than much of his filmography ($65 million) and earned just $38 million internationally, but the star’s clout — alongside that of Donald Sutherland, Tommy Lee Jones and the late James Garner – it was enough to earn the film over $90 million in domestic box office sales.

6 The City (2010) – $92.2 million

Jon Hamm in town

One of the most prominent and acclaimed gangster films of the 2010s, Ben Afflecks The town helped cement his directorial talent as a must-see following his equally impressive debut of baby gone. In it, Hamm portrays FBI special agent Adam Frawley, who is hot on the heels of the far from innocent but generally gentle Douglas MacRay (Affleck) and his increasingly unpredictable friend James Coughlin (Jeremy Renner).

The town was an important film for the careers of almost everyone involved. From Hamm into the future Sign co-stars Renner, Rebecca Hall and, of course, Affleck. In addition to being well-reviewed, the film was a sizable hit, grossing $23.8 million in the US on a budget of $37 and easily surpassed with a total worldwide budget of $154 million.

5 Baby Driver (2017) – $107.8 million

The thieves in an elevator in the movie Baby Driver.

baby driver allowed Hamm to become a villain and he doesn’t disappoint in one of the best films of Hamm’s career. The actor portrays career criminal Buddy who, along with his girlfriend Darling, hopes to make enough money for retirement with a quick payout. Unfortunately, Buddy and Baby’s paths cross in the ugliest way and the former shows his true self.

Probably the greatest success of director Edgar Wright, baby driver is also one of the most lucrative films in Hamm’s career. The cast and the film’s high-budget look make its $34 million budget somewhat surprising, and keeping things cheap helped earn it a worldwide total of just under $227 million. Dollar became an overwhelming success.

4 Bridesmaids (2011) – $169.1 million

While Hamm was uncredited for his role in Paul Feigs bridesmaidshis jerky friend, Ted, played an integral part in the narrative and in the life of the film’s protagonist, Annie Walker (Kristen Wiig).

Considering the small budget and massive worldwide revenues, bridesmaids is perhaps the greatest financial success of Hamm’s career. Feig’s film, which was released on a production budget of just $32.5 million, grossed a staggering $169 million in US theaters. Add the $119 million in international gross and bridesmaids was a great success as a colleague in the early summer of 2011 Thor.

3 Shrek Forever After (2010) – $238.7 million

Brogan and Shrek from Shrek Forever After.

Hamm has taken on several voice acting roles in his career, and the first was as Shrek’s fellow ogre, Brogan, in the fourth installment of the franchise. Shrek forever. He’s like Shrek, but taller, more muscular, and bears a grudge against the film’s villain: Rumpelstiltskin.

Shrek forever noted that the franchise was seeing declining returns, but it still managed to become one of Hamm’s biggest hits. The original Shrek quickly became a quotable pop culture juggernaut, grossing $488 million worldwide on a budget of just $60 million. Dreamworks hasn’t kept things quite so cheap shrek 2with a production budget of $150 million but earned a staggering $929 million worldwide. Shrek the third was the first sign of trouble with a slightly higher budget of $160 million and a worldwide balance sheet of $813 million. Hamm’s installment, the fourth and final so far, increased the budget again to $165 million and again netted nearly $753 million in worldwide take-offs.

2 Minions (2015) – $336 million

Herb (Jon Hamm) and Scarlet (Sandra Bullock) in Minions Review

in the minions, Hamm portrays Herb Overkill, a diabolical inventor who is in league with his wife, Scarlet (Sandra Bullock), the first supervillain. The pair then enlist the Yellow Gossips to steal Queen Elizabeth II’s crown, but it stands to reason that the Overkills won’t like the Minions’ progression.

As an offshoot of Despicable Meone of Steve Carell’s best movies minions was virtually guaranteed to make some money at the box office, but few could have predicted the extent of its success. With a budget of just $74 million minions earned over $330 million in US theaters alone. And as if that wasn’t impressive enough, it gained nearly $825 million from international territories.

1 Top Gun: Maverick (2022) – $564 million as of 7/3

An image of Jon Hamm standing behind a podium in Top Gun 2

As the most popular film of 2022 Top Gun: Maverick is as big a critical favorite as it is commercial. It also stands to reason that it will be the highest-grossing film of Hamm’s career for a long time, and he even manages to give that mad Men Actor an excellent role along the way. As Commander Beau “Cyclone” Simpson, Hamm often gets in the way of Tom Cruise’s Maverick, but he has to realize that not everything should be done by the book.

Even if loner still not making an impressive amount of money, it would be considered a success that surpassed the film’s already high expectations. After five weekends in theaters, the film is still number two and has grossed a truly impressive $1.1 billion worldwide. Most impressive is its domestic tally of $564 million, making it arguably the highest-grossing legacy sequel to an American classic film to date.

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