Kang Dong Won’s upcoming Hollywood film Tsunami LA is canceled. The South Korean star, who has been preparing for the role for two years, is reportedly set to pause the premiere indefinitely. Read on for all the details.

Kang Dong Won’s first Hollywood film has been postponed indefinitely

Kang Dong won

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In an exclusive report quoted by Osen, “Tsunami LA” has officially wrapped its production; Unfortunately, for reasons related to COVID-19, the team has decided to suspend the release.

The outlet didn’t mention the specific reason for the film’s indefinite postponement, but viewers are expecting Kang Dong Won to make his Hollywood debut.

As a reminder, the 41-year-old star officially confirmed his gig in 2017 after he was offered to play the role of Surfer Boy in the upcoming disaster movie.

According to a report, Kang Dong Won told Variety how excited he is to be a part of Simon West’s film, known for directing hit films like Con Air, Tomb Raider and The Expendables 2.

“I enjoyed reading the scenario and I think it’s a rare opportunity to make an international debut with a leading role,” he said.

Meanwhile, the ‘Tsunami LA’ director praised the South Korean star, noting how fortunate he was “to show the world an actor of excellent ability through this project.”

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He also said he wanted the actor to be part of the film.

At the time, the premiere of the upcoming film was scheduled for 2019, but was postponed several times due to unforeseen reasons.

Kang Dong Won trained in martial arts and surfing for “Tsunami LA”

Kang Dong won the 2022 Cannes Film Festival

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‘Broker’ star Kang Dong Won reveals how he became friends with BTS V

After the official announcement of Kang Dong Won’s Hollywood debut, he underwent rigorous training and preparation for the film, including martial arts training and surfing lessons.

According to CNA Lifestyle, he mentioned that learning to surf is one of the hardest parts, especially when he doesn’t feel like he’s very good at it.

Directed by Simon West, Tsunami LA focuses on the mass destruction after a massive tidal wave hit Los Angeles.

Despite the unfortunate update regarding Kang Dong Won’s rumored Hollywood debut, he recently made headlines after joining the star-studded cast of Broker.

Kang Dong won stars in “Broker”

estate agents

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Broker Cast

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The drama film, which competed for and won best actor with Song Kang Ho at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, features a story about children abandoned by a baby crate.

In the film, Kang Dong Won plays one of the brokers alongside veteran actor Song Kang Ho. The duo are in charge of finding the baby’s new family after he was abandoned by his mother.

Directed by Japanese director Koreeda Hirokazu, Broker also stars IU, Bae Doona and Lee Joo Young.

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