United Arab Emirates: Phonix Films in cooperation with Sandhya Creations Overseas Movies & SCENT (Sandhya Creations Event Network Team) is ready to handle the overseas release of KARNIKADA KALLURTI Tulu Movie and had a program for this pre-test at Mahakani Restaurant Karama for today, July 10th 20212, arranged at 5 p.m., which was honored by all church leaders and members.

Shodhan Prasad welcomed the guests and informed about the program. Guests of honor were greeted on stage with a flower presentation from SCENT active member Ashok Bailur.

step Praveen Shetty, President Karnataka NRI Forum Dubai, Lt. feet dr Frank Fernandes, Businessman, Chancellor General MEA, Messenger of Peace & Head of Mission UAE, Shri. BK Ganesh Rai, Specialist Art Director & Ex-President of Sharjah Karnataka Sangha, Shri.Satish Poojary, Ex-President Billawa Family Dubai & Sharjah Karnataka Sangha, Shri. Sandeep Rai, Nanje Yachts, Shri. Naveen Suvarna, Makhani Restaurant, Shri. Ritu of Tulu Paterga Tulu Oripaga, Shri. Alwyn Pinto of Mangalore Konkans, Shri. Mallikarjuna Gowda by Kannadiagaru Dubai, Shri. Shashidahr Nagarajappa from Kannada Patashale, Shri. Krishna Prasad from Brahmanara Sangha, Shri. Noel Almeida, Shri. Anand Bailur President of Wow Yoga Kannadigaru United Arab Emirates, Shri. Nagaraj Rao from Kannada Patashale, Shri.Girish from Yakshagana Tarabeti were the special guests on stage.

Shodhan informed about the Karnikada Kallurti – Daivaradane, an ancient ritual of the Tuluvas that has been performed in the districts of Tulunadu for many decades. ‘Kallurti’ is one of the Daiva and there is an iconic story behind the birth of this Daiva.

The program began with the lighting of the lamp by all the guests on stage, including Mahendra Kumar, the film’s producer/director, followed by a prayer from Yuvaraj Devadiga.

In today’s generation, many people do not know the actual story behind each Daiva and Tulu ritual. Even parents may not have tried to educate their children about our rich history and rituals. It may happen that the seeing children asked their parents various questions to learn more about the Daiva and the rituals, but I’m pretty sure that the parents might not enlighten their children about the exact facts of the Daiva and the rituals to have. While these rituals and practices are fading by the day, very few people have come forward to help save this ancient tradition, culture, and practice. And one of the few people who dared to do that is with us today, and we’re lucky to have him here.

Shodhan said that we need to introduce the person behind the film who, as a non-Tuluva, a person from another community called Lingayat, has so much interest in researching the true story of our own Tuluva Daiva “Kallurti” and doing everything invested his money in the production of this non-commercial film to introduce to our Tuluvas. And that’s what we call a pure love for Tulunadu & Tulu Nadu’s Achara Vichara, rituals and the rich ancient traditions and practices. He invited Shri and greeted him. Mahendra Kumar on the podium, the producer, director and creator of this great film “Karnikada Kallurti”.

Introducing producer, director and writer Mahendra Kumar who was born to parents Pancha Peeta Somashekar Shetty and Nirmala Devi who have settled in Dakshina Kannada for quite some time. In 1985-86 he graduated from Govt. College Mangalore as a Bachelor of Arts. He also did an interior design course and also became a real estate developer. He is also a musician who plays keyboards and also an actor which you will also see in this film. He is an Aradhaka of the Naga and performed Nagamandala Pooja in an open place for the first time in 2014. He also conducted “Dhakke Bali” in 2018, which was witnessed by more than 30,000 people. As a seva for Daiva ‘Kallurti’ he built a ‘Gudi’ temple for the Daiva in 2019 and also produced this film. ‘Karnakada Kallurti’ was released in Mangalore, Madikeri, Bangalore and other places and ran for 2 weeks and more and was appreciated by all who watched this movie. His other project, a children’s film entitled Journey of Belli, is nearing release and also has some Kannada films in future production to begin with. This is his first time visiting Dubai and let’s all together make his visit a memorable one

Mahendra Kumar complimented all the guests with a scarf he lovingly brought back from India.

Some excerpts from the film, including a trailer, were shown, which the audience liked.

step Ganesh Rai had the honor of congratulating our guest producer Shri. Mahendra Kumar. He read out the certificate of congratulations and asked the guests to present the bouquet, the letter of congratulations, the bouquet and the fruit basket to the recipient.

Ganesh Rai informed about Kallurti Daiva and other Daivas of worship in Tulunadu and mentioned the importance of these Daivas in the land of Tulunadu.

In return for the congratulations Shri. Mahendra Kumar will speak followed by well wishes from a few guests on stage who spoke and confirmed their support for the film’s release.

Nithyanand Beskoor expressed appreciation and thanked everyone who supported this event.

A cultural program of singing and dancing followed while snacks/tea/coffee were served to the audience and guests

Members of Sauharda Lahari also joined and lent their support with dance and song performances led by Yuvaraj Devadiga, Mahesh Attavar and his family and friends.

Dances were presented by Samyak & Samarth, Niska & Neha; while vocals were presented by Pramod Kumar, Sukanya Sharath, Amisha, Ramachandra, Ashok Bailur & Mayank – Instrumental.

Overall, the program has been successfully implemented with all participants confirming their fullest support and awaiting the UAE release date. All members of SCENT actively participated and were remarkably well positioned for the success of this program.

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