Over the years we’ve seen a solid cast of actors donning Batman’s cloak and robe in films, from Michael Keaton to the most recent addition of Robert Pattinson. The Dark Knight’s latest cinematic appearance is a little different than what moviegoers are used to, as Keanu Reeves will voice Batman in the 3D animated family film. DC’s League of Super Pets. It makes us think: would we want to see Reeves in live action as Batman too? Well, the actor shared some thoughts on the matter.

Many probably pondered how Keanu Reeves would perform as a live-action Batman. The fan-favorite star was asked about his interest in wearing the sacred Batsuit to play a new version of the Caped Crusader. While walking the red carpet DC League of SuperbeastsReeves said:

I love Batman as a character and I love him in the comics, in the movies, so to get the opportunity to speak – to play – Batman was great. … It’s always been a dream, though [Robert] Pattinson has Batman right now and he’s doing great. Maybe later, maybe when they need an older Batman…

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