Keanu Reeves is the kind of actor who could play a traffic cone and audiences would flock to see him, so the idea of ​​him taking on an iconic role like Batman seems like a clear winner. While Reeves will be voicing an animated iteration of Batman soon DC League of Super PetsWhen asked if he would consider becoming the Dark Knight in a live-action project, Reeves seemed more than ready to take on the role, but maybe with a little twist.

There are fewer stars in Hollywood who have the reputation Keanu Reeves has earned over the years, whether as a generous actor to work with, someone forever devoted to their roles, or just being generally nicer Guy . Because of this, there are many roles that fans would love to see the actor play, including the likes of Ghost Rider in the MCU and Batman in the DCEU. When it comes to the latter, there are already three different actors behind the mask in Robert Pattinson, Ben Affleck, and Michael Keaton, and that rules out Reeves’ voice-over of the character. When it comes to starring as Batman in a live-action project, Reeves said recently extra that playing Gotham’s heroes would be a dream, but he doesn’t think that’s going to happen any time soon. He said:


“It was always a dream, though [Robert] Pattinson has Batman right now and he’s doing great, so maybe later. Maybe if they need an older Batman.”

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Keanu Reeves almost played Batman Batman forever

Although it’s a dream role for Reeves, the actor has already had the opportunity to appear as Batman in the third screen of The Dark Knight. After the departure of Michael Keaton Batman returnsa new Bruce Wayne was needed, and before Val Kilmer became the billionaire crime fighter, Reeves was with moon knight’s Ethan Hawke, both were offered the role but the option was not taken.

In a case of “what could have been,” Reeves has previously commented that he’s since regretted the decision not to play Batman back then, but everything has a reason, and there are other roles that Reeves may have missed when he took the chance to play in Joel Schumacher’s comic adaptation.

As the world awaits Reeves’ chance to return to the big screen as Batman, his Marvel future is regularly the subject of internet speculation. Though Reeves has yet to be cast in the MCU, the actor has spoken out on numerous occasions about meeting up with Kevin Feige to land a role in the biggest movie franchise on the planet, but the timing just never felt right. Featuring Reeves deeply involved in the recent sequel the matrix, and the John Wick Franchise among other things, the actor has a busy schedule and makes any kind of long-term commitment that would require Marvel to be somewhat difficult to negotiate. However, we’ll hopefully see in time that Reeves takes on a role in the MCU and defends Gotham as Batman, as Reeves himself certainly seems up for both challenges.

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