NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens,” have become a controversial topic, but many celebrities have NFT-related projects in the works. Earlier this year it was reported that director Kevin Smith was planning to sell his upcoming horror anthology film. KillRoy was here, as NFT. Smith has partnered with Secret Network’s Legendao to launch NFTs of the film, which will be the first in history to be released in this format. Smith took to Instagram yesterday to announce the film’s release.

“KillRoy is HERE! The legends at @scrtnetwork are making history today with the release of my 14th film entitled KILLROY WAS HERE! Produced by @semkhorstudios and shot with students from @ringlingcollege in #sarasota, this horror anthology stars @jaymewes, @chrisjerichofozzy, @harleyquinnsmith and more in twisted tales of a local legend who murders anyone who harmed a child! @robertkurtzmanmufx created KillRoy as well as all the gory gags (like the fake blade in Harley’s face) in my tribute to #creepshow and #talesfromthedarkside I shot before and after my heart attack! KillRoy makes little history today as the first film to be coined as an NFT! Join the Mint party with me and @jaymewes on @twitter Spaces at 9am PST / 12pm CET and get your KillRoy at the link in my bio!” Smith wrote. You can get some watch pictures KillRoy was here under:

Smith directed the screenplay, which he wrote with Andy McElfresh, and is described as a “throwback anthology horror picture starring a creature that kills evil adults at the behest of victim children.” The film, along with exclusive content, behind-the-scenes footage and a commentary track, will be released as a 5,555-part generative arts NFT collection on Legendao, Secret Network’s premier NFT minting platform, which will collaborate with Semkhor and Curio, the Premier NFT platform for entertainment brands.

“When you buy the KillRoy NFT gives you exclusive access to the film. But more important is the specific version of KillRoy You get is YOURS KillRoy to do whatever you want: make your own film, turn it into an animated film, license it for lunch boxes!” Smith explained. “We started the story, now YOU can continue it with your very own version of our title character! And along with a brand new chapter, next year I will be shooting the short films and animations that the KillRoy NFT owners create with their own KillRoy‘s will make up the bulk of our serial anthology. That KillRoy NFT offers an exciting and unique opportunity to go from art collector to collaborating artist!”

KillRoy was here is not Smith’s only new film. This month, the director also debuted the much-anticipated trailer for Employees III. Employees III is coming to select cinemas on September 13th and 15th.

You can learn more about it KillRoy was here HERE.

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