There was shocking news about a Hungarian production. Kevin Spacey will no longer direct the Genghis Khan film following his UK sexual assault case. Read on below for more details on the case.

Kevin Spacey will no longer direct the Genghis Khan film following his sexual assault case in the UK, reports Variety. The actor was set to star in 1242: Gateway to the West, a period drama. The film was bought at the Cannes film market. The film is about a holy man in a Hungarian castle trying to stop one of Genghis Khan’s armies from invading Europe. Kevin Spacey was set to star.

Speaking of historical drama

The English language “Gateway to the West” directed by Péter Soós has a budget of around 10,000,000 to 25,000,000 US dollars. Filming on the production will begin this fall. The National Film Institute of Hungary, Foresight Media and LipSync support the project. Also starring are Eric Roberts and Christopher Lambert.

The official description of the film tells us the following: “When the army of the Kingdom of Hungary was annihilated by the Mongols in the Battle of Mohi, only Esztergom Castle stood in their way to invade Europe. Batu, grandson of Genghis Khan, reaches the walls of Esztergom with his invincible army. The defenders of the castle, led by Eusebius, the canon of Esztergom, and a Spanish mercenary, Captain Simon, prepare for the final battle. The arrival of the papal legate, Cardinal Cesareani, the Mongolian New Year and the mystical approach of Eusebius offer the defenders a small glimmer of hope.”

lead replacement

The film’s producer, Bill Chamberlain, told the above source that they had replaced Spacey as the lead. This comes after the former ‘House of Cards’ actor was charged in the UK four times with sexual assault and once with ‘inducing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent’. Negotiations are currently underway with the new leadership. The public will soon learn who will replace Spacey.

Multiple men have accused Spacey of sexual harassment and abuse, Collider writes. This includes the case of three anonymous men who accused the actor of sexual assault in the UK between 2005 and 2013. He appeared in the Old Bailey Criminal Court on Thursday and pleaded not guilty to all five counts of sexual assault to which he is currently facing. He will stand trial in the UK on June 6, 2023. The process is expected to take three to four weeks.


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