Lili Reinhart has quickly become one of the most talented young stars in Hollywood, gaining attention and acclaim for her starring role on the hit CW series Riverdale. While this show is currently at the end of its sixth season, Reinhart has a new Netflix movie Look both ways this is sure to win the hearts of her fans. The film hits streams on August 17, and Reinhart shared a new motion poster on her Instagram teasing the different timelines the story will cover.

The poster features two versions of Reinhart’s Natalie alternating between the top and bottom of the image. Half of the poster features a pregnant Natalie on a blue background with the slogan ‘Let Love Guide You’ while the back of the image features Natalie in a suit on a pink background with the slogan ‘Wherever Life Takes You’. The film follows Natalie, “whose life on the eve of her college graduation diverges into two parallel realities: one where she becomes pregnant and must navigate motherhood as a young adult in her Texas hometown, the other where she relocates to LA to continue her career.”


The film asks the all-too-obvious question, what if? We’ve all had moments in our lives when we’ve had to make tough decisions, and no matter which path we choose, our choices have lasting effects. Unfortunately, to the chagrin of many people, love is no exception to this painful question. Multiverse and timeline stories have been very popular at A24 lately Everything everywhere at once and in the Marvel Universe with Spider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Loki. But like the breakout hit A24, Look both ways takes a more intimate vantage point by focusing on two scenarios or, in this case subgenres, timelines. Something as simple as choosing love over a career and vice versa can change the entire course of your life. Especially for someone as young as Natalie, and every path we take brings its own struggles.

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Then there’s the visualization part of the story, which is very intriguing. We’ve all had times when we’ve longed to visualize our potential future. This would help inform our decision-making process better, and this film shows us what it would be like if that wish were granted. Overall, this is a very complex issue that director Wanuri Kahiu and Reinhart attempt to come to terms with this larger than life timeline jump story based on a very human dilemma. Reinhart has had a great career so far with the aforementioned Riverdale and movies like hustlers and the very underrated love drama chemical hearts. Reinhart wants to build on this success Look both ways and this film has just the right ingredients to become the next Netflix hit.

Alongside Reinhart, this film full of what ifs has an impressive cast to play along with Luke Wilson, David Corenswet, Danny Ramirez, Nia Long, Andrea Wildand Aisha Dee. Look both ways premieres on Netflix on August 17th, and now that we have a poster for the film, you can expect a trailer very soon. Until then, you can check out this new Trippy Motion poster Look both ways below.

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