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There was so much hype for Thor: Love and Thunder in the run-up to its release, but now that it’s here, many Marvel lovers are heartbrokenly disappointed with the film. Although Chris Hemsworth still gave everything for the title role and Taika Waititi took over the helm again afterwards Ragnarokthe magic of the third Thor Film just wasn’t replicated for many people. So what went wrong?

Most point to plot flaws as reasons for their lack of fun, as well as an over-reliance on Waititi’s trademark wacky humor. But when you look at the hit-movie-smashing story, it seems like it has it all — romance, action, emotional deaths, shocking cameos… you name it. And yet, when you put it all together, it just doesn’t work for a sizable portion – but not all, it’s important to stress – of the fandom.

But what is it about the story that rubs some the wrong way? Redditor kristenjames thinks love and thunderThe biggest flaw of is that it violates the oldest rule of storytelling in the book: show don’t tell. As the fan shared on the r/MarvelStudios subreddit:

“Anyone else felt that the story construction was more ‘tell’ and not ‘show’ enough? And I’m not even talking about the periods of Korg history… When the story happened, were things just happening or being talked about without much visual time or space?

They further argued that Gorr’s transformation into God Butcher happened “very quickly” and “we never really got to see him Butch that much”. Meanwhile, they felt that Jane would become the mighty Thor “in no time”. The OP also admitted not following the plot logic of how the heroes reached eternity at the center of the universe.

Ultimately, the Redditor senses that love and thunder would have been improved with a longer running time, which is already criticized in numerous phase four films. Your review concludes:

“Anyway, I think the story that’s built around the events is really good. I loved what they did with Jane, I loved Gorr and the fights were great. But the events that got us there happened so fast and was strewn with so much Taika that it was difficult to see the Thor movie in it at times. Might be one of the few times I thought a movie should be longer This allowed us to see more of Gorr, spend more time with Jane and Thor to work out some clumsiness, and have more time with the devices that advanced the story.”

You could blame problems with the script for these perceived errors, but it’s more likely that this problem arose in the editing process. Clearly, Waititi left a lot of juicy material on the editing room floor, including big cameos from the likes of Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage and Jeff Goldblum. Unfortunately nobody is hoping for a Director’s Cut of Thor: Love and Thunder should not rely on this happening any time soon.

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