Thor: Love and Thunder was a first for the MCU, but is it also a last for the god of thunder? What does the future hold?

Space Viking from the Marvel Cinematic Universe returned to the big screen for his fourth solo offering Thor: Love and Thunder hit screens. Already a box office blitz, there was a lot of intrigue surrounding this film, especially given that it’s the first actual set film featuring one of the original MCU heroes in Phase 4.

Given that Chris Hemsworth’s Thor already has three films to his name, he’s the first Marvel Studios superhero to titular his fourth standalone film. A record indeed for the god of thunder, but does he plan to continue that record for another sacrifice?

love and thunder was it all about Thor finding his place in the world after suffering so many losses, but what’s next for the Avenger?

*** This post contains minor SPOILERS from Thor: Love and Thunder ***

Is Thor: Love and Thunder the last Thor movie?

If you’re wondering what the future holds for the god of thunder, you’re probably wondering if he’ll be returning for another film. Thor: Love and Thunder is a record-breaking solo film for heroes and serves as the fourth standalone film for Chris Hemsworth’s heroes, but will it also be the last in the franchise?

At this point in time it is not known whether Thor: Love and Thunder will be the final film in the Thor franchise, but there’s definitely scope for another. Without giving anything away, like most MCU movies, gate 4 leaves the story open enough for the writers to come back to in the future. And speaking of the future, we know it’s not the last time we’ve seen the hero himself…

Is Thor 5 Coming?

It has yet to be confirmed whether gate 5 will actually happen, Marvel Studios confirmed the God of Thunder will be back in a future MCU installment, as a post-credits teaser reads “Thor Will Return”.

We don’t know how, we don’t know when; but it goes without saying that the most likely option would be a fifth film – especially since it will be some time before a new Avengers film gets off the ground. Then again, maybe the wait is exactly what Marvel Studios wants.

Of course, these are all just theories and it’s best to wait until Marvel Studios confirms when the God of Thunder will be back. For now, though, we can be sure he’ll be back in some capacity.

would you like to see gate 5 happen? When do you think the god of thunder will be back? Let us know in the comments below!

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