Marvel recently announced that an all new project, lightning, is currently in the works, based on a comic series published in 1997. Some superhero fans have compared the Thunderbolts team to DC’s Suicide Squad in the past, as the Thunderbolts group consists of villains and anti-heroes who save themselves the world after he once tried to destroy it. In some cases, members of the Thunderbolts team simply use the group to further their own personal goals, which later creates conflict for heroes and villains.


This new focus on character reform and overhaul in the MCU is something Marvel viewers should be excited about, as it offers an opportunity for the franchise to evolve away from simple, more traditional superhero stories. While this cookie cutter recipe has had success in years past, as can be seen in the avenger franchise, fans are gradually being drawn to characters that are rough around the edges and create a different kind of narrative.

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Ever since Marvel began releasing its shows on Disney Plus, viewers across social media have expressed their love for complex personalities like Wanda Maximoff, Bucky Barnes and Loki, the god of mischief. The upcoming thunderbolts The film opens the door for characters like these three to earn more screen time in the MCU. Phase 4 complicated its protagonists more than ever, making it harder for viewers and heroes alike to distinguish between right and wrong.

This shift in tone has worked well for the MCU over the past few years and may be just what the franchise needs to continue to thrive in the future. With so much content already released, it’s difficult to keep new MCU stories fresh, but the decision to release a different one avenger Film on the back burner in favor of creating one thunderbolts Film is definitely the way to go.

manufacturing avenger 5 is something Marvel Studios talked about, but much of the original team is gone now. Those who survived appear to be completing their storylines or are now turning to other matters and completely distancing themselves from the Avengers arc of their personal journeys. So, to successfully complete another avenger project, the MCU must build the individual repertoire of these new wave heroes if they are to take the place of the original six.

Given the monumental success of the first four avenger movies, it will take a long time to assemble a team as well known as the original as they formed the backbone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for many years. Phase 4 was all about healing characters with severe trauma and bringing new heroes to the fore, and all of these new characters will need to go through significant growth before they’re ready to become an Avenger. Stacked against Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Hawkeye and the Hulk, avenger 5 probably wouldn’t have the same effect as Avengers 1-4 at this stage of the franchise.

Marvel’s decision to press pause avenger 5 development and instead direct their creative energy into a thunderbolts Team-up is probably the smartest thing the MCU could do right now. Pretending to be heroes in the comics, the Thunderbolts told the world that they could save them after the Avengers disappeared. Now that the Avengers are finally making their way out in the MCU, it’s the perfect time for the Thunderbolts to make their mark in a live-action film.

thunderbolts It’s slated to start filming in 2023, meaning the project will likely be part of Marvel’s Phase 5. There’s still some time left in Phase 4, so it’s unclear which characters the MCU intends to use for the upcoming film. However, fans are already speculating about which characters they will see.

The MCU has already introduced some key Thunderbolts members, like Baron Zemo, who has returned along the way The Falcon and the Winter Soldier than a version closer to its comic book counterpart. Taskmaster was also part of the Thunderbolts in the comics, and bringing them back may be just what Marvel needs to do to save their character after many fans felt let down Black widow. Ant Man and the Wasp Character Ghost was also a Thunderbolt and could very easily come back for the new film.

Finally, Marvel finally adopted Deadpool and the Punisher as official MCU characters, both of whom have Thunderbolt affiliations in the comic series. Taken together, all of these characters make it seem like this is what Marvel Studios has been working towards thunderbolts History for years – and that could be the case. With such a shocking and popular comic run, hopefully the thunderbolts The film may live up to its written origins when it finally hits theaters.

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