Michael Fassbender has appeared in numerous notable films and has been acclaimed for his performances in films of all genres. But none were as revealing or controversial as 2011’s Shame. The film’s uncompromising portrayal of a sex addict on the brink of self-destruction resulted in an NC-17 rating, making it difficult to bring the original version to a wide audience. shame is not for everyone, not least the actor’s mother, who, to his great relief, canceled the premiere. But anyone who saw Michael Fassbender’s film witnessed a terrific character study that deserved more Oscar praise.

The actor is clearly talented, but he’s had a career of ups and downs

Michael Fassbender Movie Shame NC-17

Michael Fassbender poses during a “Shame” portrait session in 2011 | Dave J. Hogan/Getty Images for the BFI

It didn’t take long for Michael Fassbender to show the world he was a uniquely gifted performer. After making his film debut in a small role in 300The German-Irish actor had his breakthrough in 2008 as a leading actor in the British director Steve McQueen hunger as Bobby Sands, a member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army, who leads a hunger strike while imprisoned by the British government.

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