As much as we love 007’s spy skills, there are other modern spy stories that are just as gripping and will keep you on your toes. The latest offer from Netflix, The gray man is one of the newcomers to this list. The spy action thriller has been dubbed the “most expensive movie Netflix has ever made,” and we can clearly see why. For starters, the spy thriller comes off Joe and Anthony Russo (aka the Russo brothers)the directing duo Captain America sequels and the avenger sequels. So you can expect an experience just as exciting as in the MCU movies. Second, and this is perhaps the film’s biggest selling point, The gray man Stars Ryan Gosling and MCU Alum Chris Evans as the leading men, topped with a generous dose of Ana de Armas in the baddest role we’ve ever seen her play. There are also Billy Bob Thornton in a leading role. And last but not least, the plot of the film is quite gripping.

The story follows Court Gentry, aka Sierra Six (Gosling), a CIA agent. Sierra learns some dangerous secrets the agency is trying to cover and becomes a threat to the very people who recruited him. So, now declared a villain, Sierra goes on the run while a ruthless assassin, Llyod Hansen (Evans), puts a target on his head. A global action-adventure with rogue spies, corrupt agents and deadly firepower, we believe so The gray man has all the right elements to get into the league of The best modern spy thrillers we’ve seen. So if you’ve been watching The gray man, then you will love these too. And if not, how about a spy marathon? Trust us, once you start, you won’t be able to stop.

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Considered one of Angelina JolieOne of the best action movies out there, this spy thriller follows the titular protagonist, Evelyn Salt. Salt is a CIA agent who becomes involved in a conspiracy and is accused of being a double agent for the Russian secret service. After an attempted assassination attempt on the Russian president, Salt is on the run to clear her name.

From corrupt agents to being targeted and chasing truth and survival around the world, you will definitely find many similarities Salt and The gray man. Salt is led by Philip Noyceand alongside Jolie, it also stars Liev Schreiber, Chiwetel Ejioforand Andre Brauger in leading roles.

Another femme fatale story, these movie stars Jessica Chastain starring Ava, a black ops agent who specializes in high-profile assassinations. When one of her assignments goes awry, she becomes a target of her agency and is forced to fight for her own survival, just like Sierra Six.

Ava features an ensemble cast with John Malkovich, Spread, Geena Davis, Colin Farell, Ioan Gruffuddand Joan Chen, in different roles. The action thriller is directed TateTaylorknown for previously directing The girl on the train.

Not only active secret agents are deadly, but retired agents are just as dangerous and quite wild as RedFrank Moses (Bruce Willis). Moses is a former CIA agent who lives a peaceful, reclusive life until he is attacked in his own home. Sensing this is part of a larger conspiracy, Moses reassembles his old gang of ex-agents and sets out to catch the assassin who hit him on the head. Despite being a team of elite agents, this veteran squad is very cutthroat and hilarious at the same time. The popularity of the first film led to a sequel, red 2 In 2013.

If Sierra Six were a few decades older (with dad jokes and a twisted sense of humor), he’d be just like Frank Moses. Based on a limited comic series same name, Red boasts an ensemble cast Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirrenand Mary Louise Parker, brian cox, Karl Urban, Richard Dreyfussamong other.

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With Tom cruise in the title role, Jack Reacher comes from the Oscar-winning director Christopher McQuarrie and is based on the protagonist of the same name from Lee kid‘s novel series. The story follows Reacher, a former military officer who is subpoenaed by his former colleague James Barr, who is accused of killing a bunch of people. As Reacher begins investigating, he discovers there is more to the case than what he signed up for, reaching up to the higher echelons of government and the military.

Jack Reacher also stars Rosamund Pike, David Olelowo, Richard Jenkins, Jai Courtney, Werner Herzogand Robert Duval, among other. Cruise reprized his role in the film’s sequel, Jack Reacher: Never go backreleased in 2016.

Unlike most spies or field agents, Jack Ryan is just a humble analyst at the CIA. The title character is based on the main character of Tom Clancy‘s thriller novel series. The plot follows Ryan on a quest to track down a Russian businessman named Cherevin and investigate his financial trail as he narrowly escapes an attempt on his life. What seemed like an easy mission turns deadly when Ryan discovers a terrorist plot is underway.

Although there is nothing in common between the actions of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and The gray man, the suspense, the political intrigue and conspiracies have similarities between the two stories. Directed by Kenneth Branaghthe movie stars Chris Kiefer as Jack Ryan, along with Kevin CostnerKenneth Branagh and Keira Knightly among other.

years after James Bond, Pierce Brosnan reappears as a spy in this CIA thriller. Based on the 1987 political thriller There are no spies through Bill Granger, The November Man follows a former CIA agent brought back into the field on a personal mission. His job is to secure a valuable witness who has information on a Russian presidential candidate. But Devereaux soon finds himself locked in a deadly game of kill-or-be-killed with his former colleague and mentee.

Featuring two senior CIA agents, international assassins and a deep political conspiracy threatening national security; The November Man has the promise of a similar experience too The gray man. The film also has stars Luke Bracey, Olga Kurylenkoand Elizabeth Taylor in leading roles and was directed by Roger Donaldson.

Another Jessica Chastain Thriller The 355 features five badass agents and one common mission. It follows CIA agent Mason Brown as he learns of a global organization attempting to acquire an extremely deadly weapon capable of destroying global data and intelligence with one click. After being rejected by her superiors, Brown takes it upon herself to find the best agents in the world and sets out to recover the gun.

With his badass all-female team, The 355 maybe not much like The gray man, but as one of the best spy action thrillers released in 2022, it deserves a mention. Directed by Simon Kinbergthe spy film shows an ensemble with a cast Diane Krueger, Lupita Nyong’o, fan bingbing, Penelope Cruz, Sebastian Stan, Edgar Ramirezand other.

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