Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender reboot may improve element bending in 2010’s The Last Airbender, particularly on its internal side.

The reboot of Netflix Avatar: The Last Airbender can show the full picture of element bending The Last Airbender movie failed. The upcoming avatar The reboot series, first announced in 2018, will mark the second time Nickelodeon’s popular anime-inspired series has been adapted for live action. The first, 2010s The Last Airbenderis one that many do not like to look back on avatar viewers, to say the least.

The focus is on the ability to “bend” the elements of water, earth, fire and air. avatar and its sequel, The Legend of Korraand one that The Last Airbender totally failed to capture in its action scenes. However, bending elements is only one half of the equation avatar also shows various uses of the elements. This is the inside of bending Netflix avatar immerse yourself, with numerous concrete examples to be seen in the animated show.


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One of the most famous additional aspects of bending was the use of water bending for healing. This was a skill Katara would adopt as a very skilled waterbender The Legend of Korra shows her decades later as a respected healer in her advanced years. Aang’s origins as a monk of the Southern Air Temple also reveal the deeper, spiritual levels of airbending.

Since airbenders are known to be passive and peaceful, meditation is a key aspect of Aang’s training as an air nomad and young monk, and another area Netflix is ​​exploring avatar can explore the depth of the elements. Additionally, fire was an element misunderstood even by many in the Fire Nation, and Aang and Zuko learned that balance, not anger, was the true essence of fire.

The Last Airbender had no shortage of terrible problems, and one of the worst was the bend-based action scenes, which were notoriously shallow and a horrible adaptation of the show’s scenes. While it was a massive flaw on its own, it also fell short of the elements in other ways, by not capitalizing on the more internal and esoteric aspects that relate to them. This could have been one of the many terrible side effects of The Last Airbender‘s extremely condensed 103-minute story. With 8 episodes to work with, Netflix’s avatar doesn’t have the same problem.

avatar turned the idea of ​​bending the elements into legitimate martial arts, but as anyone familiar with martial arts can attest, there are levels that go much deeper than just fighting. Netflix avatar has to bend down anyway and can make up for the big disappointment very well The Last Airbender‘s element-bending martial arts sequences. Which could make the reboot even better Avatar: The Last Airbender Audience lies in harnessing the inner aspects of bending as well.

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