The problem is the constantly evolving technology of our world. The original death notice Manga began in 2003 and anime in 2006. Smartphones were a far cry from the ubiquitous objects they are and are being introduced to today death notice‘s world now, they alone would create a considerable stumbling block to the story. A lot of death notice relies on Light to avoid detection, including by being able to hold secret conversations with the Shinigami Ryuk.

While surveillance cameras and the like played a role in the original manga and anime, the introduction of smartphones into the world would make it incredibly difficult for Light or its main competitor L to avoid detection. Add to that the proliferation of surveillance technology in major cities, and it would mean no new ones death notice Series set in the present would have to change their story in some way to accommodate the advances of the modern world. Perhaps it would need to discard some of the original manga’s more iconic moments in favor of new strategies that Light can employ to avoid detection by smartphones.

If the Duffer Brothers need a guide on how to use it, death notice itself has provided some helpful guides. The One Shot Manga Sequel, The a-Kira story, released in 2020, dives squarely into how the world has changed since Light’s story. Set in the present, the manga sees Ryuk giving the Death Note to a new human, Minoru Tanaka, who specifically states that Light’s (aka Kira’s) old tricks wouldn’t work now:

“There is now a security camera on every street corner and in every carriage, and buses have dash cams. They are more sophisticated in investigating cybercrime. So if Kira tried to get his message out online, they would track him down immediately… and the police have records of all cell phone calls. Untraceable news on the internet only happens when TV shows and movies have to be written that way to make things dramatic.”

in the a-Kira, Tanaka avoids using the internet to try and sell the Death Note. He doesn’t even write in it because he’s so concerned about the possible repercussions. It should be noted that this manga is basically a side story and it’s doubtful that the Duffer Brothers will take much away from it. However, it at least shows the things to consider when customizing death notice for today.

Of course, all of this can be avoided if the Duffers just stick to the mid-2000s for their series, or heck, they could max it out in the 80s stranger things Synergy. That would certainly be a unique take death notice we have never seen. The point is, after 20 years death notice Adaptations need the new Netflix series to try new things to stand out, but it also needs to remember what made this story so great in the first place.

What do you think of the new ones death notice series should update about this story? how would you like it Do you think they will try to make Light/Kira even more likeable this time?

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