While Neve Campbell won’t be returning to the Scream franchise for the latest film, her character was originally in the script.

One of the biggest disappointments for Scream Fans was the announcement that Never Campbell will not reprise her role as Sydney Prescott in scream 6. After being part of the franchise since Wes Craven’s original 1996 film, Campbell returned for this year’s fifth simply titled film Screambut apparently due to a salary dispute, he decided not to accompany Courteney Cox in the next episode, despite Sydney appearing to have been part of the original script.

That Scream Franchise began as a horror film that not only broke the rules of horror films, but blew right into them in a self-deprecating way, making it an instant success. Led by Wes Craven, Scream redefined the slasher film and remained a popular franchise through three sequels. After Craven’s death, it was a long time before anyone decided to take over the franchise, but in January of this year Scream returned to theaters with original cast members Cox, Campbell and David Arquette, all reprising their long-running roles.


While Courteney Cox was announced to play Gale Weathers again scream 6with Hayden Panettiere repeating them scream 4 role of Kirby Reed and Scream (2022) Stars Jenny Ortega and Melissa Barrera, who are continuing their tenure in the franchise, announced Neve Campbell’s departure last month. At the time, reports said that Campbell felt “the offer I was presented with did not match the value I brought to the franchise.” Crazy Monster Party ArizonaCampbell was asked if her role was ever a part of it scream 6and Campbell was very brief and to the point in confirming:

“There were plans for Sidney, and sadly, they no longer exist. I’m sure they will make a good film.”

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Neve Campbell could return to Scream in the future

Though fans have expressed disappointment with Campbell’s departure and her former co-stars have called out the studio for not paying the actress higher wages given her dedication to the franchise, scream 6 will continue without an appearance from Sydney Prescott. However, there have since been rumors that Paramount discussed a possible return for Campbell in a seventh round Scream film, but only time, and scream 6′It remains to be seen whether this will happen in the coming years.

scream 6 makes a number of changes, including a relocation from California to New York City, and was described in the official blurb as “a new chapter” in the horror franchise. Since the film was already shooting, images from the set already showed Cox back in her role as Gale Weathers. Like Campbell, Cox has been part of the franchise since the original film, and fans are at least happy to see her back for the new film. Survive yet another Ghostface killing spree Scream (2022)Whether she can dodge a sharp knife tip again remains to be seen scream 6 will be in cinemas in early 2023.

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