Hollywood is no stranger to adrenaline-pumping action films, with many of these popular fan-favorites being helmed by veteran acting legends. With successful careers spanning decades, some of the most exciting and compelling movie stars have proven that the action genre doesn’t have to be just a young man’s game. Iconic actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan and Danny Trejo have shown that age is just a number and you’re never too old to pull off a good old-fashioned beat-down.

Viewers around the world have connected with these famous faces and watched as the phenomenal physical performers matured over the years and still remained or became exceptional action heroes later in life. Liam Neeson completely reinvented his career when he took on the role of retired CIA agent Bryan Mills in the thrilling film out of stock Series that evolves from dramatic actor to true action superstar. Sylvester Stallone assembled some of cinema’s greatest talent for the blockbuster extravaganza The Expendables, recruiting aging action members like Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme to the franchise. Even Bob Odenkirk, the comedian and Better call Saul Star, became an action hero in the big movie at the age of 58 No one. These are some of the biggest older action movie stars.


Dolph Lundgren is 64

He first gained widespread recognition for his breakthrough performance as Soviet boxer Ivan Drago alongside Sylvester Stallone in the 1985s Rocky IV, Swedish star Dolph Lundgren quickly became an action sensation and has since appeared in over 80 films in the genre, including a surprisingly prolific selection of direct-to-video films.

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The physically imposing, 1.8m tall actor is gifted in martial arts, having trained extensively in Kyokushin Karate and showing his impeccable skills in films such as master of the universe, the Universal soldier Series, Showdown at Little Tokyo and Aquaman. Lundgren hasn’t let up one bit as the 64-year-old is set to kick even more butt in the upcoming action movies wanted man and the one studded with stars Consumables 4.

Liam Neeson is 70

After building an impressive resume as a brilliant dramatic actor in critically acclaimed films such as Schindler’s List, Michael Collins and love indeed, Irish actor Liam Neeson completely redefined his Hollywood persona when he helmed the 2008 action thriller out of stock, portrays determined father and retired CIA agent Bryan Mills.

The exciting yet terrifying franchise led to Neeson becoming a certified action star and starring in gripping action films such as: The A-Team, The Grey, Wrath of the Titans and A walk among the tombstones. The 70-year-old recently launched Yahoo! News of his tough guy status: “I was an amateur boxer from the age of nine until I was 17. I just love the physicality… I turned 70 this year so I’m still getting away with it.”

Jet Li is 59

Renowned retired Chinese actor, martial artist and Wushu master Jet Li is an international film star who has demonstrated his superb kung fu skills in films such as Deadly Weapon 4, Romeo Must Die, Kiss of the Dragon and the forbidden kingdom along with action star Jackie Chan. Despite suffering from hyperthyroidism for over a decade, 59-year-old Li remains excelling on screen, starring in all three films the Expendables Movies with Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren. Jet Li movies are still popular and he has had great roles lately League of Gods, Gong Shou Dao, and as The Emperor of China in the Disney 2020 live screen adaptation mulan

Jean Claude Van Damme is 61 years old

The Belgian superstar is affectionately known as “the muscles from Brussels”. Jean-Claude Van Damme moved to the United States in 1982 for a career on the big screen and landed his big break with the 1988 cult classic blood sports. After enrolling in a Shōtōkan karate school at age 10, Van Damme learned the craft, bodybuilding, kickboxing, taekwondo and muay thai, earning his black belt in karate at 18.

The actor used his versatile martial arts background to become a sought-after action star, appearing in ’90s hits like Death Sentence, Universal Soldier and Maximum risk. After a brief career hiatus, 61-year-old Van Damme emerged The Consumables 2, the Kung Fu Panda franchise and the kickboxer reboot.

Chuck Norris is 82

Iconic action hero Chuck Norris is a revered martial artist and actor who earned his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tang Soo Do and Judo and began teaching the craft to celebrities when he arrived in Hollywood in the late 1960s. Norris gained widespread attention when he joined close friend and legendary martial artist Bruce Lee in 1972 way of the dragon, with the physical role playing roles in popular action films such as Good boys wear black, misses in action, and Code of Silence.

His performance as a tough title character in the long run Walker, Texas Ranger Norris’ status as an action hero was further cemented as the 82-year-old continues to punch and kick villains in the film Consumables 2 and TV show Hawaii Five-0.

Danny Trejo is 78

The charming, mustachioed macho Danny Trejo had a number of memorable roles in gritty action films such as Desperado, from dusk to dawn, and Once upon a time in Mexico He gained further notoriety as the deadly ex-Federal of the same name in Robert Rodriguez’ film Machete. Trejo’s film career began rather accidentally in 1985 when he was living a sober house and working as a drug counselor and showing up on set Runaway train to help a young man he sponsored.

The revered Hollywood rebel showcased his boxing skills in the unexpected role, effectively ushering in a new trajectory in life and career for the actor. Now, at 78, Trejo still dominates the big and small screen, starring in the Tough Franchise, all about the money and Bullets of Justice.

Jackie Chan

The lovable Hong Kong actor and martial artist Jackie Chan has wowed audiences with his phenomenal physicality for over five decades, having started as a stuntman alongside Bruce Lee in 1972 fist of rage and 1973s Enter the dragon. Chan is one of the most popular and well-known action heroes in the world, popular for his acrobatic slapstick fighting technique and known for his roles in hits like Drunk Master, Police Story, Rumble in the Bronx and both the rush hour and Shanghai noon Franchise. Chan, 68, has appeared in over 150 films, most recently headlining action films Skiptrace, the foreigner, and 2020s vanguard.

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Sylvester Stallone is 76

After finding critical and commercial success as wayward misfit Rocky Balboa in the 1976 cultural phenomenon Rocky, Sylvester Stallone became a true action superstar, dominating the genre with adrenaline pumping performances like John Rambo in the excitement rambo Franchise and mercenary Barney Ross in the Expendables Series.

Stallone is a constant presence in Hollywood and an admired movie star. He became the only actor in American cinema history to lead a number-one film at the box office for six consecutive decades. Revered for his muscular physique, fearless demeanor and compelling performances, the 76-year-old Stallone remains a hot commodity on screens. He will star in the upcoming superhero action movie Samaritan as well as Consumables 4 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is 74

The one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger is a distinguished actor, businessman, and former politician and bodybuilder, who first came to prominence when he won the prestigious Mr. Universe title in 1967 at the age of just 20. After appearing in the bodybuilding documentary in 1977 pump iron, Schwarzenegger shifted his attention to the big screen and became a certified action star with iconic roles in Conan the Barbarian, the Terminator movie franchise, predator, and True Lies. Over 40 years later, at the age of 74, the legendary superstar continues to deliver rousing and bloodthirsty performances and joins the star-studded series The Expendables, Escape Plan, Terminator: Dark Fate, and the upcoming martial arts comedy Kung Fury 2.

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