Based on the Japanese novel Maria Kaefer by Kotaro Isaka, fast train is an upcoming action comedy starring an cast consisting of Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock and many others. As the title suggests, the film takes place on a bullet train full of assassins, each with a mission that they discover are secretly connected. Sony has delayed the film’s release until this summer, making it one of the most anticipated films of the year.

One of the biggest attractions of fast train is certainly its large ensemble of talented actors. Before the movie releases on August 5th, let’s take a look at each of them and other roles you may have seen from the actors before.


Zazie Beetz

Zazie Beetz is a German-American actress cast in the upcoming series The Hornet fast train Movie. Beetz has previously appeared in many Netflix TV series Easy to the animated series from Amazon Invincible. However, the role that could really get her name out there was her role as Domino dead pool 2. Beetz has also starred in the critically acclaimed sports drama Soaring Birdwhich was shot entirely on the iPhone 8 and specifically opposite Joaquin Phoenix in joker.

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Brian Tyree Henry

Brian Tyree Henry has acted in everything from TV series and big blockbusters to indie films and theater productions. The roles Henry is probably best known for are as Miles Morales’ father on the animated series Spiderman: Into the spider verse and as the first openly gay MCU character Phastos in eternal. He has also starred in Barry Jenkins’ romance drama If Beale Street could talk, about a woman who wants to clear her husband’s name before their first child is born. We can’t wait to see what he does with his character Lemon fast train.

Logan Lerman

If you are one of those people who grieve Percy Jackson Movie franchises and their lost potential as a young adult series, you surely know who Logan Lerman is. Lerman played the lead role of Poseidon’s demigod son. There’s a good chance you still love Lerman as an actor even if you’re in denial about the films. Other roles you can probably see him play are in films like The Three Musketeers and the coming-of-age drama The perks of Being a Wallflowerin the latter he starred alongside Emma Watson. fast train will introduce him as the son.

Karen Fukuhara

Can we take a moment to properly appreciate Karen Fukuharaoperates in this segment? Some of you may know her as Kimiko Miyashiro in the Amazon Prime Original Series The young, where she offers an amazing portrayal of the mute character. Despite being an able-bodied actress, she understands sign language wonderfully and, without saying a word, manages to transport pure emotion across the screen. Along with Kimiko, Fukuhara is known for playing katana in 2016 suicide squad. And if you haven’t already, you might want to check out her drama film Stray. in the fast trainFukuhara’s role is currently listed as Train Crew Member.

Aaron Taylor Johnson

Starting in the industry as a six-year-old definitely helped Aaron Taylor Johnson to make a name for yourself. Marvel fans definitely know the English actor from the role of Pietro Maximoff in the Avengers movie age of ultron. Taylor-Johnson’s breakthrough performance happened much earlier, however, in 2009 when he starred in the biopic as John Lennon Nowhere boy. For more recent recognizable roles in which he has starred, he received the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in Tom Fords Nocturnal animals, where he played the psychopathic drifter. He has also starred in the blockbuster spy epic principle alongside Robert Pattinson. in the fast trainwe can assume that he appears as the character Tangerine.

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joey king

joey king is only 22 years old and has already had a very impressive acting career. King gained recognition for the family adventure film Ramona and Beezus in which she starred alongside Selena Gomez. Then she managed to perform in different genres, from horror like The incantation to comedy dramas like i wish i was here to science fiction movies like Independence Day: Resurgence. What got her back on people’s radar was her starring role in coming-of-age kissing booth Film trilogy on Netflix. fast train will introduce her to us as the character of the prince.

Sandra Bullock

And now for the two biggest stars this movie managed to garner, one of whom is none other than Sandra Bullock. The actress was the highest paid actress in 2010 and 2014 and was also named one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2010. Her breakthrough came with the action thriller speed back in 1994, in which she starred alongside Keanu Reeves. From there, you’re more than likely aware of a handful of films she’s been in. From the classic cult comedy Miss Kindness to the buddy cop comedy The heat for the advancement of women ocean 8 and last The Lost City. Bullock is booked up and busier than ever, and we can’t wait to see her as Maria Beetle in the upcoming season fast train.

Brad Pitt

Last but not least we have the other biggest star, Brad Pitt, who will play the lead role of Ladybug. There are probably hundreds of movies that we can mention from Pitt’s filmography and there is a guarantee that some of them could be your favorite movies of all time. Maybe you prefer his 90s movies like Thelma & Louise, Interview with the Vampire, Se7enor fight club Or maybe you enjoy his movies from the 2010s more Ocean’s Eleven to Mr & Mrs Smith to Inglorious Basterds and Once upon a time in Hollywood. In an interview with Empire, fast train Director David Leitch says Pitt’s character Ladybug is in an existential crisis.

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