A man with a troubled past receives unexpected news and a chance to right his wrongs Mark. To do so, he must confront his mental health in hopes of finding true happiness.

Owen Miller plays the titular Marcus alongside Katana Malone and Paul Witt. It was written and directed by JR Poli. “He’s good. He’s really good. He’s very patient and informative, but he’s also really good at letting actors make their decisions. He wrote the script and directed it, so he has a clear vision. There’s no misunderstandings about what the vision is but he works with you and had nice suggestions on what I was doing,” commented Wight looking back on what it was like working with Poli.


Wight is known in wrestling as “The Big Show” but has made a name for himself as an actor over the years, including roles with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson quarrel with my family, Jingle all the way opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Waterboy to Adam Sandler. Wight plays Gus Hoffman in it Marka crucially supportive security guard whom Marcus encounters at work.

Paul Wight as Gus Hoffman

When wrestlers branch out into film and television, they often star in high-budget action films, comedies, or sports-related projects. Wight strays from the usual path Mark, plays a character unrelated to his reputation as a wrestler. “I’ve been biased my whole life because of my size…People see me in a certain light, but I look for things that are outside of the norm,” Wight explained.

However, Wight initially engaged as a producer on the film. It wasn’t until Poli introduced him to the role of Gus that he decided to star on the other side of the camera. “Originally it was about the message of the film… but then I thought that playing a security guard wouldn’t be too much for me (laughs). And that’s how I felt comfortable in the role.”

“One of the messages that got me interested in the script was mental health awareness. A lot of that has to do with Marcus’ journey, and what’s interesting about my character, Gus, is that of all the acquaintances Marcus has, he’s one of the few people in his life who knows something’s wrong, but doesn’t knows how to approach him. A lot is being done to show support for Marcus, but at the same time he doesn’t understand what he’s going through. I think that’s kind of a heads-up message for a lot of people who are learning to understand friends or family members with mental health issues, how to talk to them, and sometimes even just listen and be there. Sometimes it’s not about fixing it, it’s about believing it’s a problem and supporting someone and letting someone know you’re there for them. So, I like the interaction my character has with Owens’ character. He knew something was wrong but asked how he could deal with it and show support.”

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How wrestling influenced Paul Wight’s acting career

“I think it gives me competence in front of the camera… I’ve been fortunate enough to be in front of a camera for so long that I could forget the camera was there and focus on the performance. Wrestling gives me instant gratification because I have that relationship with a live audience, while acting is a little bit different because you open up about your choices and sometimes you have a couple of choices and then it goes to the director and then it goes it’s up to the editor… So, it’s different. You’re at your best…and remember the experience and enjoy the actors you work with,” Wight explained.

Echoing the aforementioned heavyweights Wight has worked with in the past, like Sandler, Schwarzenegger and “The Rock,” we asked who of those he hasn’t worked with yet, who he hopes to do his best foot with forward to the future. “There are a couple of people I’d really like to work with…Mark Wahlberg because Mark is just funny and really funny. I’d love to work with Denzel Washington and Laurence Fishburne… on something that has some guts and doesn’t require me to be six feet tall and 400 pounds. Something with context to the character, where it’s more about the character and not my size. But movies are about selling tickets, so it just depends on what happens.”

Mark comes to us from Gravitas Ventures and is a production of Chicor Cheet, GreeneScreen Productions and Hialeah Park Studios. It is scheduled for release on July 15, 2022.

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