Summer is in full swing at the checkoutand another family-friendly option is slated to hit theaters this week Paws of Rage: The Legend of Hank. With an impressive cast that includes Michael Cera as the titular Hank, paws of rage is the story of a dog traveling to a town full of cats who need a hero to save them from the warmongering Ika Chu (Ricky Gervais). Reviews are in, so let’s see what the critics have to say about this offering from Paramount.

Loosely adapted from the 1974 comedy directed by Mel Brooks Flaming Saddlesthe PG rated Paws of Rage: The Legend of Hank is completely safe for the little ones, even with his “Mother-father Cocker Spaniel” exclamation from Samuel L. Jackson’s Jimbo. This flick seems packed with pop culture references, and the critics are here to tell us more about what to expect. Let’s start with the CinemaBlend review by Paws of Rage: The Legend of Hank. Dirk Libbey rates the film 2 stars out of 5 and says that while the concept is creative enough, the jokes and innuendos often feel like they are more adult-oriented:

This leaves the kids with some slapstick humor and every imaginable joke about cats. That’ll still get viewers of all ages laughing, but the references to Blazing Saddles and the quick fire delivery of many of the one-liners make Paws of Fury feel like it was meant to be an adult animated film that younger viewers might also enjoy – and not vice versa.

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