Prince Andrew's BBC interview about Epstein is set to be filmed

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When Prince Andrew sat down with me BBC Reporter Emily Maitlis for his news night Interview in November 2019, we did not yet know what impact his words would have. In the interview, the royal opened up about his relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and dismissed Virginia Giuffre’s sexual assault allegations by claiming he was at Pizza Express the night he allegedly assaulted her. Shortly thereafter, Prince Andrew resigned from his royal duties and was stripped of several titles by his mother, the Queen. Now a film is to be made about the king’s car accident interview, in which Hugh Grant is tipped off to play him on the big screen.

The movie titled scoopis written by High Court‘s Peter Moffat and filming is slated to begin later this year in November. A director has yet to be named and casting for the film hasn’t started yet, but Hilary Salmon – of production company The Lighthouse Film & TV – said meeting that there are “of course thoughts” about who will star in the film. However, she stressed that “no one is really into the movie” so far and has not commented on claims that Grant would star.

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The movie is based on Scoops: Behind the scenes of the BBC’s most shocking interviews, a book of former news night Producer Sam McAlister. Talk about shovel Plot, Salmon described it as “about how the BBC’s Newsnight team got the information and then about the actual filming. The other thing is, ‘Why did he agree?’”.

She continued, “How did he come to decide that doing a big, long interview with Emily Maitlis on the BBC was a good idea?”

“All the opportunities Emily gave him to say the right things, to justify his friendship with Epstein, to say how sorry he was, [were wasted]’ added Salmon. “Newsnight couldn’t have been fairer to him,” she continued, pointing out that Andrew “thought it had gone extremely well,” when the public thought the exact opposite.

Whether Buckingham Palace will be involved in the film, Salmon said meeting: “We have reached out to a variety of people who were involved behind the scenes of the interview and we are still in that process.”

Prince Andrew has denied all allegations against him.

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