The setting of Ray Romano’s film Somewhere in Queens might seem like a small detail, but it carries more significance than one might expect.

The upcoming movie from popular comedian Ray Romano Somewhere in Queens has many similarities to his popular sitcom Everyone loves Raymond, and the film’s setting has an obscure but intriguing connection to the show. Premiered at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival, Somewhere in Queens drew audiences to Romano’s directorial debut. In addition to marking a career milestone, Romano’s new film is intriguing because it revives the setting once intended for the classic television series.

Everyone loves Raymond follows the everyday life of Ray Barone, a popular New York sportswriter who lives in suburban Long Island with his wife Debra, their daughter Ally, and their twin sons Michael and Geoffrey. Each episode plunges the sarcastic columnist into a hilarious conflict, often involving his overly pushy parents, Frank and Marie, and Raymond’s big, quirky older brother, Robert (Brad Garrett). Somewhere in Queens Romano plays Leo Russo, a construction worker from Queens, New York who is thrilled to discover his introverted son “Sticks” has a talent for basketball. Leo encourages Sticks to excel in sports in hopes it will secure the teenager a scholarship, but his intervention only adds to the disorder and confusion in an already dysfunctional family.


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The emphasis on family dynamics draws parallels between Somewhere in Queens and Everyone loves Raymond, with a strange connection within the film title. When writing for Everyone loves Raymond, Romano and producer Phil Rosenthal drew inspiration from everyday life with their families, a strategy that ensured there was no shortage of good material. In adapting their real-life experiences, the original intent was for the show to be set in Queens, where Romano spent much of his life, but CBS executives chose Long Island to appeal to a wider audience. Given the similar story beats and choice of location, setting and rethinking Romano’s new film in Queens could be an attempt Everyone loves Raymond‘s original premise.

How Somewhere In Queens revives an original Raymond idea everyone loves

Behind the scenes, Romano has more creative freedom Somewhere in Queens than he did in the early years Everyone loves Raymond. Filling the roles of writer, director and lead actor, he is deeply involved in the film, allowing him to build on the drama of Everyone loves Raymond‘s core concepts while offering his famous humor. The choice of Queens as the film’s location suggests he’s taking a more personal approach on his own terms.

Since the show ended in 2005, Romano has maintained the hallmarks of his iconic style while expanding the dimensions of his craft. Romano has portrayed his share of dramatic roles, including TNT series men of a certain age 2011 alongside Scott Bakula and Andre Braugher. He also showed his versatility on Netflix paddletonstruggling to comfort a terminally ill friend. Romano’s ability to combine lightness and seriousness offers an opportunity for Somewhere in Queens address family conflicts with a greater emphasis on relatable drama.

The film was not released outside of Tribeca, but critics have already expressed overwhelmingly positive reactions to it Somewhere in Queens. The consensus among early reviews is that the film does retain familiar elements Everyone loves RaymondRomano’s freedom to oversee all aspects of production will result in a film to behold.

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