Since leaving The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln has confirmed that he will star in three Rick Grimes films. Here’s everything we know about the trilogy.

Rick Grimes is the Walking Deads most famous character, although he hasn’t appeared since 2018, and his spin-off film is still in the works; Here is everything that is known about it. Similar to Robert Kirkman’s comic series, the first nine seasons of the Walking Dead‘s TV adaptation revolves around Rick Grimes, the small-town cop-turned-post-apocalyptic leader. After Andrew Lincolns Living Dead Leaving in Season 9, it was announced he would be returning to play Rick Grimes in a film trilogy.

Rick Grimes’ shock departure left big question marks over how the Walking Dead could go on, but in his absence the main show thrived with Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon becoming the main character. The franchise has also expanded with Fear the walking death and The Walking Dead: World Beyond continue to tell alternate stories from the zombie apocalypse. The shows have crossover appeal, with the likes of Morgan and Dwight becoming regulars Fear the walking deathand more intriguing for the Rick Grimes films, Jadis became the main antagonist in beyond the world Season 2.


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While Daryl, Michonne and the other residents of Alexandria always hoped that Rick Grimes survived the bridge blast the Walking Dead In Season 9, Jadis was the only one from around the area who knew Rick was alive. Rick Grimes was last seen being taken away by a mysterious helicopter that Jadis ordered. Here’s what we know about Rick Grimes’ future in the Walking Dead movies.

Cast of Rick Grimes’ Walking Dead film

The Walking Dead season 3 cast poster

Currently, Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes is just one of two confirmed characters the Walking Dead Movie starring Jadis, aka Anne, played by Pollyanna McIntosh. It makes sense for Jadis to appear alongside Rick since she was the one who saved his body after the bridge blast and it foreshadows potential appearances The Walking Dead: World Beyond Characters. As a working member of the Civic Republic Military, CRM, Jadis became one of the main characters of beyond the world‘s second season, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see some of her co-stars in Rick Grimes’ film.

Not confirmed yet, but almost a certainty to show up in it the Walking Dead Movie is Michonne played by Danai Guirira. Rick’s love interest was last seen in the Walking Dead season 10, looking for her missing partner. Given that the film series is set to become a trilogy, it would make sense that Rick would end up reuniting with his old family and friends. While they may not be the focus of the plot, some are Living Dead Characters should return for the films, most notably Daryl and Judith Grimes.

What is the Walking Dead Rick Grimes movie story about?

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead alongside a sketch of Michonne and Judith.

Rick Grimes’ film focuses on how he adjusts to life in the CRM. When Jadis is picked up by the CRM helicopter, she admits she lied about having an “A” but instead says she has a “B” to offer the community regarding the wounded Rick Grimes. beyond the world Season 2 revealed that an “A” indicates a zombie test subject sent to the CRM’s research facility, while a “B” refers to an asset for the CRM. Featuring Rick Grimes being referred to as “B” and the skills he has displayed throughout his tenure the Walking Deadthere is no doubt that he will have an important job in CRM, possibly similar to Daryl in the Commonwealth.

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There are no indications as to when the Walking Dead Movie is discontinued. Rick Grimes’ immediate future after his helicopter ride to the CRM is arguably the most interesting story the film can tell because Rick will be confused, especially given that Jadis was the one who took him despite her earlier betrayal of Rick in favor of Negan. But the film could decide to align itself with the Walking Dead TV series and jump six years after the events that led Rick to CRM.

Michonne’s story will likely be a key element of the Rick Grimes film. Michonne was last seen in season 10 of the Walking Dead when she found an iPhone engraved with “Rick” and a sketch of herself and Judith. After years without him, it gave Michonne hope that Rick was still alive, so finding her mate will be an important part of the first film, if not the trilogy.

When Will The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Movie Be Released?

Rick's Walking Dead film

The Rick Grimes movie has no release date yet. the Walking Dead Project is still in development stage of production and filming has not started yet. Producer Scott Gimple has said publicly that the writing team is taking their time on the film because they want to do Rick Grimes justice. Writing the film will, of course, become more difficult since Rick’s departure because characters that could be an integral part of the film’s plot have ongoing storylines the Walking Dead TV shows like Jadis in beyond the world. Given the different Living Dead Series to be released in the coming years, including Daryl’s Living Dead Spin-off show, the Rick Grimes movie could hit theaters by 2024.

Rick Grimes Movie of Walking Dead: Rumors and Teases

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead's helicopter

Since Rick’s departure, references and references about him have been dropped everywhere That Living Dead Universe. Rick Grimes’ biggest teases came from Michonne’s discovery of the engraved phone, and more recently Jadis beyond the world She referred to Rick without naming him when saying that she traded something of great value to get into the CRM. There have been multiple theories and speculations as to which unused Rick storylines from Robert Kirkman’s comic book series may play a role the Walking Dead movies. One of the most popular rumors is that Rick Grimes will die in his film trilogy to reflect his comical ending and complete his story. The fate of Rick Grimes is still unknown, however the Walking Dead‘s films give loyal viewers the answers they’ve been craving since Rick left the show.

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