A new Munsters trailer is out, revealing the first real look at Rob Zombie’s reboot of the classic sitcom, updated with a colorful look.

The Munsters return to the big screen in the first trailer for the new film. Rob Zombie, better known for his work in the horror genre with the likes of the Firefly trilogy and Halloween Remakes, is at the top for that Muenster Film, direct and produce a screenplay written by him. Zombies involvement in The Munsters The film was first reported in early 2021, with the filmmaker confirming he was hired to adapt the sitcom for the film a few months later.

Zombie recruited a number of frequent collaborators into the cast of The Munsters Movie, including Ms. Sheri Moon as Lily Munster, Richard Brake as the new character Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang, Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman, Daniel Roebuck as Grandpa and Dee Wallace. The film will also see a number of zombie collaborators for the first time, including Sylvester McCoy, Lost Alum Jorge Garcia, Catherine Schell and Elvira actress Cassandra Peterson. filming on The Munsters ran from June 2021 to July 2022 and now audiences are getting a glimpse of the film’s long-awaited reboot.


After much teasing behind the scenes for the film, Universal images fired the officer The Munsters Follower. The video offers a fitting look at Rob Zombie’s film reboot of the classic sitcom, now in his colorful new presentation. Check out the new trailer below:

Click here to watch the trailer

There’s more to come…

Credit: Rob Zombie/Instagram

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