The full trailer for Rob Zombie’s The Munsters reboot was recently released, and fans of the classic series are extremely divided about the film.

The trailer for Rob Zombies The Munsters was released recently, and fans of the classic TV series are extremely divided. The film, slated for release in September 2022, serves as a prequel and reboot to the original 1960s television series of the same name, which ran for two seasons. The Zombie prequel follows the origins of Herman and Lily Munster and the love story that unfolds. The reboot stars Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily, Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman, and Daniel Roebuck as Grandpa.

Rob Zombie is best known for his work in the horror genre, most notably the Firefly trilogy and 2007 Halloween reboot. Although Zombie and his wife Sheri Moon Zombie are big fans of Zombie The Munsters TV series fans were immediately concerned about his previous gruesome horror films when it was revealed he was planning a reboot. The director has continuously kept fans updated on the film’s progress, most recently in the form of The Munsters official trailer that offered new plot details and a fresh look at zombies surprisingly colorful approach The Munsters.


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If the official trailer for The Munsters was released, fan reactions were divided over Zombie’s take on the franchise. Fans of the original show and Zombie critics alike have expressed concerns about the style and direction of The Munsters reboot stating that the film is cheaply made and even a parody of the source material appears. Others defended the trailer, noting that the 1964 series was always cheesy and over the top and the film is a love letter to the original. Here are some fan reactions:

Zombie has long said The Munsters is a passion project for him and that he wanted to make it as authentic as possible to the original series. The film’s previous teasing certainly seemed like it would deliver on that promise, so it’s a shame this latest update is getting such mixed reactions. It is possible that the trailer does not work The Munsters Justice, but it’s clearly not what fans were expecting from the reboot. The Munsters is completely unlike anything Zombie has done in the past, and it doesn’t seem like fans are thrilled that he’s taking over a PG lot.

Universal will continue to intensify marketing for The Munsters as September is fast approaching. Unfortunately, it’s too late to make any significant changes since then The Munsters has officially wrapped filming. It’s possible that the film can be altered visually by toning down the colors, but even that won’t fix the major issues fans seem to have with the film. Some are hesitant to judge the film until they see it, but the mixed reactions to the full-length trailer are a disturbing development for Zombie’s The Munsters.

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