The long-awaited action thriller from the Russo Brothers The gray man is about to hit Netflix worldwide, pitting Hollywood stars Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling in a gripping tale of betrayal, espionage and secrecy.

To celebrate lead actor Ryan Gosling’s successful career, Ranker users voted for a list of the ten best characters the actor has played over the years. Whether his forthcoming turn as Court Gentry will make it onto this list remains to be seen The gray man hits Netflix in a few weeks.

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10 Alan Bosley from Remember The Titans

Boaz Yakins Think of the titans is not only one of the greatest sports films of all time, but also offers one of the best supporting roles of his career. He plays Alan Bosley, one of the many members of the film’s high school football team.

In addition to an entertaining sports film, Think of the titans is also an extremely effective analysis of institutional racism and how to overcome it. It offers one of Denzel Washington’s best performances as an African American football coach who is forced to overcome the barriers he and his new racially integrated team face.

9 Leland P. Fitzgerald from the United States by Leland

Leland Fitzgerland is undoubtedly one of Gosling’s most complex and interesting roles, especially considering how early in his career this project landed. He plays an older teenager who finds himself in prison after the brutal murder of another boy, with the film exploring the crime’s many ramifications.

The character of Leland may not be as flashy or flashy as some of the other characters Gosling later played, but he is undoubtedly one of the best written and developed. It’s that quiet attention to detail that makes it stand out The United States of Leland One of Ryan Gosling’s best films to date.

8th Willy Beachum from Fracture

Ryan Gosling plays a district attorney named Willy Beachum in Gregory Hoblit’s Fracture, which also sees Anthony Hopkins as a man on trial for the attempted murder of his wife. The film draws heavily on the masterful dynamic between Hopkins and Gosling as they go head-to-toe in some tense courtroom scenes.

If you watch the best courtroom dramas of all time, fracture is unfortunately often overlooked. It might not be as stylish or flashy as some of the more “classic” legal thrillers out there, but the electric dynamic between the film’s two leads pulls the audience in from the start and doesn’t let go until the bitter end.

7 Dan Dunne from Half Nelson

Ryan Gosling in Half Nelson

Gosling’s performance as Dan Dunne in Half Nelson is one that has truly established the actor as one of today’s biggest stars, as he plays a teacher/drug addict who finds solace in the troubled life of one of his younger students. He was even nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor that year, making him one of the youngest nominees in the category.

Similar to movies like School of Rock or society of dead poets, Half Nelson examines the relationship between teacher and student as something extremely moving and vulnerable, with the two learning from each other and completely subverting the usual power dynamic. It’s an extremely important film with one of Gosling’s best roles.

6 Jacob Palmer in Crazy Stupid Love

Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love

Jacob is perhaps one of the funniest and most entertaining Gosling characters yet crazy stupid love, an imaginative rom-com in which his character tries to rekindle his boyfriend’s love life after a devastating divorce. He stars alongside Steve Carell and Emma Stone, who both deliver two hilarious but heartwarming performances.

Any day that Gosling gets a chance to show off his comedic skills is a good day, and he’s at his absolute best crazy stupid love. His line performances and physical comedy are hilarious to watch, which is even more impressive considering he shares the screen with a comedy legend like Carell.

5 Luke in the place beyond the pines

Ryan Gosling stars alongside Bradley Cooper and Eva Mendes The place Beyond the Pines, A gripping thriller about a police officer’s pursuit of an amateur thief with dire consequences for both of their families. It explores the fuzzy morality of crime in a really interesting and compelling way through several outstanding performances and a well thought out screenplay.

Like many of the roles in his later career, Luke’s character is extremely complex, which really gives Gosling a chance to show what he’s capable of. It’s a role full of emotion and desperation that’s hard to imagine today.

4 Lars Lindstrom in Lars and the Real Girl

Ryan Gosling in Lars and the Real Girl

Lars Lindstrom is easily one of Ryan Gosling’s most unconventional roles to date Lars and the real girl which explores the titular character’s relationship with a humanoid doll he finds on the internet. It’s an unusual kind of romance, but one that should have audiences laughing from start to finish.

However, the film quickly strays from its quirky tone and soon morphs into a much more emotional and thematically rich story than its beginning suggests. It’s his ability to optimize his performance so effectively that made Gosling one of the most successful actors of the 2010s.

3 Dean from Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine is one of Gosling’s most celebrated and popular romance films to date, chronicling the failed marriage of his character Dean and his wife Michelle Williams’ Cindy. what does Blue Valentine What stands out in the sea of ​​other ‘marriage breakup movies’ is that it doesn’t judge any of its characters too positively or too harshly, but examines the strengths and flaws of each of them equally.

The dynamic between Gosling and Williams is what really sells the emotional weight of Blue Valentine, with their unique relationship that captivates audiences from the start and keeps the emotional stakes high. They all offer powerful performances that time will not soon forget.

2 Noah Calhoun from The Notebook.

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams joke on a boat in The Notebook

The role of Noah out The notebook is not only the role that first launched Ryan Gosling to superstardom, but it is also the role he will likely be remembered for a long time to come. One of the defining films of a generation, Nick Cassavetes’ timeless love story chronicled the heartwarmingly tragic romance between Noah and Allie.

The notebook has long been considered the gold standard for romance movies, and it’s no surprise why. Cassavetes tells his story in a consistently entertaining and engaging manner, keeping things interesting and unpredictable despite the fairly simple nature of the story.

1 The driver from Drive

In Drive, the driver chews on a toothpick in his car

Although Ryan Gosling’s character never revealed his name and rarely spoke more than a word journey is undeniably one of the actor’s most memorable to date. The film follows The Driver as he falls in love with a young woman named Irene, whose criminal activities her husband puts her in constant danger from whom he vows to save her.

With a cast that includes talent like Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Oscar Isaac and Bryan Cranston, that shouldn’t really come as a surprise journey has some of the most memorable characters and unforgettable scenes in Gosling’s entire filmography. journey is full of hidden details and rich dialogue that make it one of the actor’s best.

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