EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Gosling’s new film The Gray Man, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, has predicted his starring role as Ken in the upcoming movie Barbie.

Ryan Gosling’s role in the upcoming Netflix thriller The gray man accidentally predicted his upcoming role in Greta Gerwig’s romantic comedy Barbie. Gosling will star in the Netflix film alongside Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, directed by the Russo brothers, known for their work in the MCU. Barbie is currently filming, directed by Greta Gerwig, with a theatrical release date of July 21, 2023.

The gray man follows Goslings Court Gentry aka Sierra Six, a black ops mercenary who is forced on the run after uncovering incriminating secrets about his agency. The film was shot in locations around the world in the first half of 2021 and cost $200 million, Netflix’s most expensive film to date. The Russo Brothers talked about how The gray man could build a franchise of films provided it gets enough viewership to justify the streamer’s astronomical budget.


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In an exclusive interview with screen rantthe brothers talk about how The gray man contains a joke comparing Gosling’s appearance to a Ken doll, inadvertently predicting his role Barbie. The brothers talk about how they shot the scene before Gosling’s casting and decided to use it as it was the funniest version of the scene. By the time the pair settled on the line, Gosling was already making Barbie, a strange example of a happy coincidence on the part of the directors. Read the following quote from Anthony Russo on the subject:

Shockingly, that line predated his involvement in this film. We tried several alternatives when shooting [that scene]. We usually shoot alternatives. We like to have options in the editing room. So we had other versions of that beat in the editing room, but we settled on the “Ken Doll” line. It just seemed the funniest to us. But when we went into it in the edit, he was playing Ken.

Barbie Movie Ryan Gosling Ken

Gosling has had a variety of roles throughout his career, including rom-coms and action films, both The gray man and Barbie would fit in his wheelhouse. It’s nothing more than coincidence that the brothers incorporated the joke, just a weird twist of fate that happens occasionally. The coincidence is similar to how Jesse Eisenberg’s character made a joke on Facebook zombie land before being cast as Mark Zuckerberg The social network one year later.

Gosling has been able to deliver in a variety of roles throughout his career, starting with his quiet stoicism journey to his conspicuous seriousness in la la country. With The gray man and Barbie, he couldn’t play two different roles, but his ability to embody such diversity will surely pay off in both films. Even though Barbie is still far away The gray man coming soon to Netflix and showcasing Gosling to the best of his ability, with the odd coincidence that he resembles a Ken doll.

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  • The Gray Man (2022)Release date: July 15, 2022

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