Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick provide an update on the progress of Clue Remake starring Ryan Reynolds and why it’s taking so long.

Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick provide an update on their Ryan Reynolds-led film a notice make new. Reese and Wernick made waves with the 2016 release Dead Poolbut before that they had been a creative team for years, working together on 2009 zombie land and 2013 G.I. Joe – Billing. The duo have since written films including dead pool 2, lifeand 6 underground. your latest project, spider headstarring Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller, was recently released on Netflix.

The dark comedy of 1985 A notice, based on the classic board game, with an ensemble cast including Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd and Lesley Ann Warren. It was initially met with mixed reviews and a poor box office performance, but in the decades since its release it has become a cult classic. A remake has been announced and has been in development since 2011. But it wasn’t until January 2018 that 20th Century Fox announced Ryan Reynolds would be starring a notice remake, and that his longtime collaborators Reese and Wernick would write. Aside from talks about a few possible directors, not much information has come out since then.


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In a recent interview with discuss movie carry spider headReese and Wernick talked about their slow progress a notice Movie. They say that the project is very important to them, but that the fate of the film is currently out of their hands. A script has apparently been completed and delivered to the studio, but due to Reynolds’ busy schedule, it may be some time before the film is actually shot. Read the full comments below:

Q: Speaking of Ryan Reynolds, a while back he mentioned how he hopes to do that one day a notice Movie in which he was to star. Is this script something you both want to do one day?

Rhett Reese: We wrote a draft a noticeand it’s still in development at Fox [20th Century Studios]. So it kind of moves forward, whether it becomes a movie or not is generally in the hands of the movie gods, not us. So we did our best. We are proud of that. We love the franchise and Ryan’s schedule is packed so he has a lot of projects to choose from.

We’ll see if a notice comes to fruition in the end, but it’s something we all hold dear. It’s a fun old movie that I think has been remembered for generations, but for the people who remember it was a blast! We’d like to make an attempt to bring it back to life.

The update should be somewhat reassuring for anyone looking forward to the film. There’s a finished script and the studio has it, so the film is moving forward, even if it’s slow moving. The cult status of a notice makes it a bankable project, so unlikely to be scrapped. Planning will probably be the biggest problem. Reynolds is certainly busy, having released four films since 2021, not to mention running his YouTube channel and owning several companies like Aviation Gin. But if Reynolds is as passionate about the project as Reese and Wernick seem to be, there’s a lot of hope for them a notice make new.

Reese and Wernick are certainly used to the waiting game in their films. Your Netflix movie spider head It took ten years for it to finally come to fruition. While a notice technically longer in development, Reese and Wernick have only been involved for about four years at this point. It still seems like it’s entirely possible that the film will still happen, but fans, like the writers, will have to wait and see.

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