The actor was not long in coming Sean Patrick Thomas to make a name for yourself. After an episode of the soap opera To live a life In 1995 he made his film debut in courage under fire With Denzel Washington and meg ryan. Fans who were young in the 1990s and 2000s will remember him best from the string of successful teen films he starred in, including 1998’s graduation night comedy Can not Hardly Wait and that 1999 Les Liaisons Dangerouses adjustment Cruel intentions. He played Thomas’ first romantic leading role in 2001 Get the last dancewith opposite Julia Stiles as Derek, a smart-ass teenager growing up on Chicago’s South Side. And although the young actor played a huge role in this era of films, his career did not stop there. Read on to find out what Thomas has been up to since his reign as a ’90s and ’00s teen idol.

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Sean Patrick Thomas and Julia Stiles in Save the Last Dance
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After helping Stiles’ Sara achieve her dancing dreams Get the last dance, Thomas moved on to bigger film roles, including in some successful franchises. In 2002 he appeared in both Halloween: Resurrection and the first barber shop. Other roles in this decade are Barbershop 2: Back in business, The fountainand the TV movie version of A raisin in the sun With Sean Combs. In the 2010s he appeared in the third film of the barber shop trilogy and a handful of TV movies, among other projects. Recent films by Thomas include the 2021 Oscar nomination The Tragedy of Macbeth.

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Sean Patrick Thomas in 2002
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Thomas also has a long TV resume that includes starring roles in The quarter (2000-2004) and vixen (2015-2016) as well as guest appearances and recurring roles on a number of long-running and influential shows. Below are Undercover in New York, Reaper, army wives, Bone, criminal thoughts, woman secretary, The Good Fightand Unsure.

Thomas recently confirmed a report on Instagram that he has been cast in the upcoming spin-off of the hit Amazon Prime series The young.

Aonika Laurent and Sean Patrick Thomas in 2022
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Thomas is married to a fellow actor Aonika Laurentwho appeared in Fantastic Four and Olympia has fallensince 2006. The couple’s first meeting was almost a disaster, they shared during an interview for OWN’s black love Documentary series as Thomas was trying to give directions to a friend on the phone when he was being introduced to Laurent at a party. “I think she was blown away, but I was really just focused on something else at the moment,” he explained. Luckily, she gave him another chance, and since they got married, the couple has had two children: Lola JolieYear 2008, and Luca Laurentvintage 2010.

Last month, Laurent shared a photo of Thomas with their two children to honor him on Father’s Day. “Happy Father’s Day @seanpthomas,” reads the caption. “You are the best of the best! I am infinitely grateful for how you father and love our children. Thank you for taking us on this magical ride! We love you!”

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Sean Patrick Thomas in 2022
Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

In 2021, Stiles and Thomas celebrated the 20th anniversary of Get the last dance through a virtual reunion to remember the film. As much fun as they had making it, none of the stars predicted they would discuss their teen dance drama two decades after it was released.

“I never expected people to be talking about this 20 years later,” Thomas said entertainment tonight. He also noted that fans of the film have told him that he normalized interracial relationships for them. Stiles said she was really proud of it Get the last dance for addressing prejudice and other racial issues and that it helped her “open up [her] eyes” on her own privilege as a white woman.

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