Taika Waititi

Taika Waititi
photo: Lisa Maree Williams (Getty Images)

Has this villainous mood shift finally arrived for Marvel? Has her Thanos-like take on popular culture finally come to an end? Probably not, but Marvel’s Phase 4 initiative, in which the studio did what many critics wanted and allowed writers to bring their style into the MCU, wasn’t well received. Chloe Zhaos eternal was too boring too sexy. Sam Raimis Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was too silly and too scary. Well, Taika Waititi Thor: Love and Thunder is criticized for being a little too Waititian.

Well, like all these “divisive” blockbusters, some fans love the film. That AV club He certainly gave it one of the more positive reviews, as our film editor Todd Gilchrist wrote, “Waititi’s work here marks an important and exciting detachment of the MCU films from their commitments to a larger mythology.” A quick glance at social media, however, will leave many disappointed Reveal Marvel fans and others defending the film by saying, “Hey, it’s a comedy! It doesn’t have to be good,” insisting audiences shut off their brains and enjoy the jokes, regardless of quality.

But we digress. The film makes a lot of moneyand while the less than stellar cinema score, Rotten tomatoes score and metacritical Although the score could signal a drop next week, it’s safe to say that director-driven Marvel movies are clashing with what most viewers expect from a Marvel movie. Still, Taika Waititi would love to return to Asgard and do another one Thorprovided Thor is in it.

“I would definitely do one, but only if Chris does it.” Waititi tells insider. “But it would have to be something surprising and unexpected for me to want to do it. For example, what would the new take be? The battles and all fights are okay, but I would like something that felt unexpected when it comes to the story. Like just making a $5 million movie with no fighting, just Thor on a road trip. As Nebraska.”

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time a Waititi has directed Thor The film was conceived as a road movie. 2015 first reports on Ragnarok that it would be Marvel’s darkest film and be a road movie with work friends Thor and Hulk. But maybe a $5 million movie would do him good. At least that would save Disney’s overworked, underpaid digital effects artists face blatant disregard from their boss on the internet.

Waititi already has a full plate at Disney. At least he has one war of stars to make movie and a soccer comedy Next goal wins, in the funnel for next year. Plus there’s his television empire, which includes Our flag means death, Reservation dogsand What we do in the shadowsthree shows that have remained largely impervious to the slow-rolling exhaustion some feel towards Waititi’s work.

In other more exciting ‌Waititi news is the new season of What we do in the shadows Premieres on FX tomorrow! Thank the gods. We need Mark Proksch back in our lives.

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