It looks like Taika Waititi‘s war of stars Film is much further than what Waititi wanted us to believe. He has said several times recently that he’s trying to come up with an idea for the film and that he’s “still throwing everything against the wall”. He’s also made it seem like there’s a possibility the film won’t even materialize in the first place.

Well, in a recent report from Heat Vision, Waititi’s war of stars The film could go into production in early 2023. The update says:

“Taika’s Star Wars project may be coming your way sooner than some of his interviews suggest. Multiple sources tell us that the project is targeting an early start in 2023. God knows plans with Lucasfilm can shift is of course the usual caveat.”

While I like most of the films Waititi has made, I’m not sure I want him to make one war of stars Movie. I was excited at first, but now I think I’d rather see him stick to his original films. However, since he’s making a Star Wars film, I hope it’s good and that his goofy comedic style doesn’t detract from the story like it did back then Thor: Love and Thunder.

In a previous interview, Waititi talked about wanting to do something new and different with the franchise, saying:

“Look, I think for them war of stars The universe is meant to expand, it must expand. I don’t think I’m of any use in this matter war of stars universe to make a movie where everyone’s like, ‘Oh great, well, these are the blueprints for them Millennium Falcon‘ah, that’s Chewbacca’s grandmother.’ It all stands on its own, which is great, although I’d love to take something new and create some new characters and just expand the world, otherwise it feels like a very small story.”

After this quote was mentioned in another interview, he was advised that he would like to avoid it war of stars tropes, the film would not really be a war of stars movie and Waititi agreed, then retracted his statement:

“You know what? Whoever said that is probably right. Now that I think about it. When you said that, I was like, ‘Yeah, if you take all that away war of stars stuff, it’s not war of stars.’ So I’m retracting my thing I said a few weeks ago!”

We’ll just have to wait and see how that develops. Discussing the possibility that his film might not even materialize, he said, “I’m trying to write the Star Wars idea at the moment. I’ll have to see how that goes because once I submit it, that might dictate when it’s done or when it’s done, even.”

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy hyped Waititi’s war of stars movie and she says it’s the next one to be released. She seems pretty confident about what Waititi is planning, so I’m pretty sure this movie will happen.

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