Disney films have wonderful parents and others who fall short; Some are the villains of the movies, like Mother Gothel or Lady Tremaine. However, the good Disney parents are great and show their children nothing but love and support.

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The best Disney parents encourage their children to follow their dreams, protect them and do whatever is necessary to protect them, even at their own risk. They love their children unconditionally, even when they make mistakes, and are there to catch them when they fall like all good parents.

10 King Triton tries to protect his youngest daughter (The Little Mermaid)

in the The little mermaid, King Triton has seven daughters, the youngest is Ariel. The world above water fascinates the adventurous and open young girl who falls in love with a person. However, Ariel and her father get into a fight when she admits to wanting to visit the country.

Ariel is only sixteen years old and still a small child. As children, many viewers feel that Triton is unreasonable and unnecessarily controlling, but as they grow older and their perspective changes, they realize that he is right. From an adult’s perspective, Triton is just a father trying to protect his very young daughter from a world that might hurt her.

9 Simba and Nala love their daughter in different ways (The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride)

Simba and Nala raise their daughter Kiara with different parenting styles. Simba wants to protect her from every little thing that could harm her, while Nala gives her the freedom to become whatever she wants to be. Simba’s overprotective nature annoys young Kiara, but as she gets older, she realizes it’s because he loves her so much.

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However, Nala gives Kiara the freedom to make mistakes, knowing that she and Simba deserved a lot growing up. Although the two parenting styles differ, they balance each other out and Kiara grows up very loved and protected.

8th Goofy wants nothing more than to spend time with Max (A Goofy Movie)

Goofy is a somewhat clingy parent who refuses to let his son Max grow up. Max lies about knowing the superstar Powerline to impress his crush, Roxanne. However, Goofy hijacks Max’s concert plans to go on a cross-country road trip together.

While Goofy initially seems annoying and overly attached to his son, it’s clear that he’s simply cherishing the time he still has with Max before inevitably growing up and moving out. From this perspective, Goofy’s clinginess isn’t unnerving; it is cute, adorable and relatable for parents and grown children.

7 Chief Powhatan trusts his daughter’s instincts (Pocahontas)

Chief Powhatan leads Pocahontas’ tribe with dignity, honor, and bravery, leaving his daughter not as much time as he would like. However, he does teach her valuable life lessons and how to trust her man. He shows the beauty of her nature and that she is a good person, which ultimately stops the upcoming fight.

Pocahontas uses her knowledge to convince the tribe and colonizers of John Smith. She reminds her father of the importance of love and respect for nature and other people, leading to a truce. Chief Powhatan listens to his daughter and trusts her instincts like a good parent should, saving countless lives.

6 Maurice selflessly devotes himself to saving Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

Maurice is Belle’s brilliant inventor father in Beauty and the Beast, who, although a little eccentric, would do anything for his daughter. When Belle takes his place as the beast’s prisoner, Maurice, in poor health, risks his life to save her. He tries to rally the villagers, but they see him as an eccentric older man and refuse to help.

Maurice rushes to her aid alone, ready to fight the beast if necessary. He is a selfless, loving father who always encourages Belle to read and study, despite the stigma surrounding young women at the time. The two put intelligence above all, regardless of how the villagers see them, which is inspiring.

5 Ming has her flaws but she’s a great mom (blushes)

in the To redden, Ming Lee loves her daughter Mei very much. However, as Mei grows up, she realizes that her mother is more overprotective and controlling than most, causing strife in their relationship. Despite Ming’s flaws, she is a great mother who does easily irritating things for love.

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Ming controls her daughter to protect her from herself and the spirit that lives within her. Believing that Mei is going through puberty and physical changes, Ming raises the girl better than some mothers do in real life. She may not be perfect, but neither is anyone, and her flaws come from a place of love.

4 The Andersens Try To Navigate Riley’s Shifting Emotions (Inside Out)

Jill and Bill Andersen are Riley’s parents from the inside to the outside who love their daughter unconditionally. The 11-year-old explores starting a new life across the country and the typical emotional changes children go through. Riley’s parents are also busy, between the challenges of a big move, uprooting their lives and dealing with a changing daughter.

While some have criticized her inattentiveness, her behavior is normal for people with so much going on. Additionally, they are incredibly relatable for parents of pre-teens who understand having an emotionally sensitive child. They do their best to learn how to deal with Riley and make her happy, and they love her no matter what, regardless of her attitude and mood swings.

3 James and Eudora encourage Tiana to follow her dreams (The Princess and the Frog)

James and Eudora are Tiana’s loving and hardworking parents who teach her about life, ambition and achieving dreams. Tiana and her father cook together throughout their childhood, where she develops her plan to open a restaurant. When James dies, Tiana takes on several jobs to save up for bail on a building.

Eudora continues to encourage Tiana to work hard while making time for her personal life. James and Eudora’s influence on Tiana is evident in every facet of her personality, her drive and ambition and her passionate love for her friends, family and Naveen. While James doesn’t see his daughter’s dream come true, she carries his memory through her food.

2 Pongo and Perdita rescue and adopt dozens of puppies (101 Dalmatians)

Pongo and Perdita are the parents of fifteen Dalmatian puppies who have been kidnapped by the evil Cruella De Vil. The parents travel across England to rescue their children, and at Cruella’s mansion they discover 99 puppies that she plans to use for fur coats. They could easily rescue their babies and escape quickly; Instead, they do the selfless thing and free all the pups.

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When they return home, Pongo and Perdita adopt and raise the extra puppies as their own, filling the house with more laughter, love, and noise. Fortunately, Anita and Roger are more than happy to house 101 Dalmatians and the brave and loving parents are able to raise their huge new pack.

1 Mufasa and Sarabi teach Simba how to be a king (The Lion King)

Mufasa and Sarabi are Simba’s loving parents in The Lion King, and although they love him equally, they raise their son in very different ways. Unfortunately, Sarabi doesn’t play a major role in the film, but when she’s on screen, she treats Simba with love and respect. Unlike her husband, she allows her son to be a kid, to express himself, and to have fun.

Mufasa, loving as he is, makes Simba king. He keeps the boy more subdued, teaching him the ways of the Pridelands and what it means to rule. He loves his son more than anything because without a second thought he gives his life to save Simba from the onslaught. Simba worships his father so much and rules the Pridelands in a way that makes Mufasa proud.

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