After watching Baz Luhrman‘s elvis It was interesting to see where his heart really beats. Elvis Presley loved performing, but he always wanted to be a movie star above all else. When he met Colonel Tom Parkerhe was shy and had stage fright, but believed in him enough to make him a star.

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It’s hard to believe Presley would ever get nervous on stage, but maybe that’s why he loved the movies so much. Well, not all of his films have been hits, but there are definitely some underrated ones that should get a little more love.


It Happened at the World’s Fair (1963)

Little Kurt Russell talks to Elvis Presley

The way Colonel Tom Parker marketed Elvis was, in hindsight, brilliant, despite making him work like crazy. A movie would come out with songs from an album, and they’d make twice as much. In this musical, Presley is a feather duster who, due to his partner Danny Burke’s gambling habits (Gary Lockwood).

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To get the plane back, the two scurry to the Seattle World’s Fair. Like all other Presley films, there’s a gimmick, love interests, and a misunderstanding. This one is special because a cub Kurt Russell got his start and later he would take the role of Elvis 3000 miles to Graceland.

Clam Cheeks (1967)

Elvis Presley on the phone on the side of the car

clam cheeks is underrated because it emphasizes Presley’s comedic timing more than other films. In this film, Presley is a wealthy young man who wishes to experience life outside of his privileged upbringing. When he meets Tom Wilson (Will Hutchins), a serious water ski instructor, offers Scott to trade places with him.

A trading post story almost always works because of the situations these characters are placed in. Presley running around a beach and falling in love with a woman is what fans have come to expect in most of his films, but this one is funnier than others.

Fun in Acapulco (1963)

Elvis Presley with a mariachi band behind him singing

Fun in Acapulco is a movie that is so wacky and entertaining because of Presley’s comedic performance. Fans have always known he was a little cheeky, but when it came out in his performances, it just added so much to the film. Things get a little rocky for Elvis in this movie.

After being fired from his job aboard a boat in Acapulco, he is forced to take a job as a lifeguard at a nearby resort. As another lifeguard, Moreno (Alejandro Rei), becomes jealous of Presley for staging him and getting involved with his girl (Ursula Address), the two collide. This movie is filled with great song, jealousy and some pretty intense cliff jumping moments for Presley.

Hawaiian-Style Paradise (1966)

Paradise, Hawaiian style film still

Elvis Presley and Hawaii go so well together. He has become almost a permanent part of the state Blue Hawaii. In this film, girlfriends help a singing pilot and his buddy start their helicopter charter service. The reason this movie didn’t do as well was because the songs on the soundtrack weren’t as strong as the other movies.

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But it was still a fun movie to make Presley fans swoon over. It’s a very simple story, but Presley returns to his favorite beach and makes everyone fall in love with him, Hawaiian style. Aside from Graceland being a part of him, these two films have also made Hawaii special to its fans.

Girl! Girl! Girl! (1962)

Elvis Presley in a captain's hat and two girls tugging at a rope in front of him

Girl! Girl! Girl! had more girls than any other Elvis film and he charmed every one of them. Most of Presley’s films were light-hearted and romantic, especially because he sang for all these women. Colonel Tom Parker knew exactly who to market to and it worked.

In this film, the fisherman Presley learns that the boat he helped build and is currently working on is for sale. He tries but fails to raise the money to buy it. Ross then decides to work as a guide for the boat’s new owner, Wesley Johnson (Jeremy Slate), but soon the two men are fighting over a girl. Sure, his movies are repetitive, but at least fans know what they’re getting each time.

Live A Little, Love A Little (1968)

Elvis Presley sits behind a camera

This is one of Presley’s lesser-known films, but he managed to give his performance a little more in this one. It wasn’t that one dimensional. In this film, Presley is a struggling photographer who juggles two jobs to make ends meet. Then he falls in love with this woman who commented on his bachelor status.

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The two share some funny banter, but ultimately she’s able to point out his flaws and help him grow as a person. While it’s still a playful role for Presley, there are some serious moments that add some depth.

Love Me Tenderly (1956)

Elvis Presley hugs Debra Paget

This was Presley’s acting debut, and it was a slightly smaller role. He was part of an ensemble of brothers who had a love interest to match the family. Presley plays Clint Reno, the youngest of the four brothers, who stays at home to take care of his mother and the family farm while older brothers Vance, Brett and Ray fight in the American Civil War.

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When his brother returns home, he finds that the love of his life is married to his younger brother, Clint. The two brothers fall in love and fight for their love.

GI blues

Elvis Presley and Juliet Prowse sit at the bar

Of all the Presley films, this is probably his best, and it’s still underrated when it comes to movies like Live Las Vegas and King Creole. Anyone can play a dramatic role, but when it comes to comedic timing and singing, that’s where the strength lies. After returning from the war himself, it made sense to Colonel Tom Parker making him a soldier and showing the audience a different side of Presley.

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In this one, Presley hopes to open a nightclub when he gets out of the army. He’s trying to raise some money through a friend bet. Even when it comes to winning a woman’s heart, this is the most charming of his films. The songs are great fun and even Presley seemed to loosen up in the role.

Double Trouble (1967)

Elvis Presley looks at Annette Day

double trouble gives Presley a little more work to do in terms of action set pieces in this film. Presley attracts the amorous attentions of a pretty young heiress while touring the UK. He also becomes involved in a jewel robbery. Heist movies are always fun, and putting Presley at the center with his comedic timing made it all the more entertaining.

Because of the heist, it’s definitely one of the more entertaining movies in his filmography. And it seemed like Presley himself enjoyed it a little bit more. He did fall in love with a woman again, but at least the story was a little different than the others.

Girl Happy (1965)

girl happy is full of twists and turns as Presley must contend with a businessman named Big Frank (Harold J Stein). He entrusted Presley to look after his daughter Valerie (Shelley Fabares) while she is on spring break. Valerie warms up for Presley Character Rusty, but when she finds out her father paid him, she runs away with an Italian womanizer.

It’s fun to watch this movie just to see how even Presley keeps up with the constant changes in this young girl. His reactions are funny and it’s a very playful film that a lot of people don’t really talk about.

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