Greta Gerwig’s reputation as both an actress and director has skyrocketed in recent years, and anticipation of her next appearance in the director’s chair is building. Barbie. Gerwig is best known as one of the leading faces in the mumblecore movement of the noughties, but rose to fame in various roles across different genres.

Her collaboration with now-husband Noah Baumbach has been one of cinema’s most endearing and creative partnerships, but some of her lesser-known roles in films are equally laudable, and there was no shortage of the actor’s admiration from critics.


10 The Plate and the Spoon (2011) – 72

The romantic comedy The dish and the spoon was one of a installment of films in which Greta Gerwig was the focus of the narrative. The film follows the story of Rose (played by Gerwig) who, upon learning of her husband’s affair, forms a close bond with a British boy, played by Olly Alexander.

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The film is significant for the careers of its two leads, as Gerwig and Alexander have built impressive careers over the past few years. It was also positively received by critics and is a hidden gem for Gerwig fans.

9 The Devil’s House (2009) – 73

Gerwig may be best known for her roles in romantic comedies, but in Ti Wests devil’s house, The actress was able to unleash her acting skills in disturbing ways. As is typical of horror films, actors are often able to see limited screen time depending on their character’s fate, and unfortunately for Gerwig, her character was killed relatively early in the film.

However, the film was well received by critics, who praised West’s gripping artistry and The Devil’s House is worth seeing just to see how Gerwig plays an unconventional role.

8th Mistress America (2015) – 76

Greta Gerwig in Mistress America

2015 Mistress America saw Gerwig and Noah Baumbach reunite for the big screen with a twisted dead comedy that was equal parts entertaining and uncomfortable. The film, written by Gerwig and Baumbach, tells the story of a dysfunctional writer who forms an equally dysfunctional friendship with her stepsister.

As is often the case when Baumbach and Gerwig work together, critics were largely enthusiastic Mistress Americabut for some it was perhaps a little too idiosyncratic for its own good.

7 Maggie’s Plan (2015) – 76

Rebecca Millers Maggie’s plan saw in Greta Gerwig and Ethan Hawke (From the before Trilogy). The film tells the story of the tumultuous relationship between Maggie and John, played by Gerwig and Hawke respectively, and is a wacky and heartwarming entry into Gerwig’s canon of romantic comedy.

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The film perfectly timed Gerwig’s disarming charm, which is an engrossing treat and the critics were impressed with the film.

6 Grünberg (2010) – 76

Noah Baumbachs Grunberg saw Ben Stiller and Gerwig in perhaps the actors’ most nuanced film. A character study of sorts, the film follows Stiller’s misanthropic Roger Greenberg who, while housekeeping for his brother, meets his brother’s lonely assistant, Florence, played by Gerwig.

Baumbach’s directorial style allows his actors to develop a distinct emotional sophistication, and both Stiller and Gerwig’s characters enjoy significant screen time as a result. Critics were generally impressed with the film.

5 Eden (2014) – 81

Not only has Gerwig landed her fair share of leading roles in her career, but she has also landed several supporting roles in a variety of films. The 2014 film by French author Mia Hanson-Løve Eden offered Gerwig the opportunity to play a supporting role with an intoxicating effect.

Much like Baumbach, Hansen-Løve’s filmmaking is rooted in rich character portraits and suits Gerwig’s style of acting well. critics revered Eden and it remains one of Hansen-Løve’s most revered feature films.

4 Jackie (2016) – 81

Pablo Larrain’s tender and beautifully acted biopic about First Lady Jackie Kennedy, jackie, saw Gerwig in another supporting role, this time from Natalie Portman, who played the film’s eponymous lead character. Larrain’s film is a swooning and thoughtful masterpiece, and Gerwig’s understated performance anchors one of the film’s most intriguing subplots.

Larrain’s quasi-fictional approach to biopic storytelling is catnip for critics, who were equally impressed by his 2021 study of Princess Diana. spencer, with Kristen Stewart.

3 Isle of Dogs (2018) – 82

Isle of Dogs Greta Gerwig Tracy Walker

Wes Anderson’s stop motion classic Island of Dogs cast Gerwig again in an unconventional role, this time as a voice actor. In the film, Gerwig voices the character of Tracy Walker, an American exchange student who opposes the despotic rule of the film’s antagonistic government.

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Although the film was not one of Anderson’s most popular films with critics, it was still a well-received and well-reviewed film that makes a very vivid addition to Anderson’s filmography.

2 Frances Ha (2012) – 82

Frances dances through the street in Frances Ha

2012 Franz Ha is Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach’s most celebrated film collaboration to date. The film has all the endearing charm that actors and directors are accustomed to, and is a modern homage to the beatnik bohemian spirit of 1960s New York underground.

There isn’t much to complain about Franz Haand continues to be regarded by many as one of the most significant films of cinema’s mumblecore era.

1 Women of the 20th Century (2016) – 83

Billy Crudup, Elle Fanning, Annette Bening, Greta Gerwig and Lucas Jade Zumann in Women of the 20th Century

Like Noah Baumbach, Mike Mills has long been an institution in American indie filmmaking 20th Century Women is one of his most accomplished works. The film is rooted in the powerful central performances of its cast, including Gerwig and Annette Benning.

20th Century Women endeared itself to critics, who found its contrasting charms both a stimulating and intoxicating watch. The film also cemented Gerwig’s reputation as an outstanding actor.

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