To no time to die ended Daniel Craig’s performance as Bond in a remarkable and surprising way, producer Barbara Broccoli revealed James Bond 26 will be a complete reinvention of the character. This means that fans won’t understand the down-to-earth approach of the recent films, but they may not understand the wacky and over-the-top approach of the older films in the series either.

However, no matter in which direction the next one 007 Film comes in, the 25 films full of outrageous set pieces and surprisingly dramatic twists still exist. Redditors have debated this binding Film is the best, and they range from the most realistic to the completely insane. Between a few darker Bond excursions, the classics, and a surprising slew of critically-hated releases, Reddit’s favorite films in the franchise veer toward campiness.


10 For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Roger Moore in For Your Eyes Only.

It’s no secret that the Roger Moore-led Bond films aren’t the most critically acclaimed releases of the series. They’re the goofier films in the franchise, but their campy nature and over-the-top premises also make them so worth seeing. And M0rris0n_hotel thinks For your eyes only is the best Bond film for precisely this reason.

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The Redditor claims, “The ski chase scene is one of my favorite movie action scenes of all time. It strains credibility in the best way possible.” However, between its somber tone and revenge flick, the 1981 film is actually the most down-to-earth Moore-led release in the franchise, and for that reason it’s the most revered of his Bond films.

9 Casino Royale (2006)

Daniel Craig at Casino Royale

Casino royale was a drastic change in the spy franchise, and it wasn’t just the portrayal of Bond that was different. The 2006 release marked the beginning of more realistic narratives in the series. The gadgets were less ridiculous, the action sequences were simple but still compelling, and it’s the most emotional James Bond film yet.

Reddit user Mypassword23 considers it the best film of the entire series, noting, “That was my introduction to Bond and the one that got me into film.” The parkour crane sequence at the beginning of the film is a major achievement of the film filmmaking, and there hasn’t been a more practical and breathtaking car chase in a major Hollywood film since.

8th Goldfinger (1964)

Jill Masterson talks to Bond about her boss Auric in Goldfinger

After the double strike of dr Nothat was the coolest introduction to Bond possible and Greetings from Russiawhich was a really great spy thriller golden finger had incredibly high expectations. And while the general consensus is that it’s not quite as great as its predecessors, there’s still a lot to love, and Pugcatpug thinks it’s the best.

The Redditor notes, “Love the villain, the story, it’s got Margaret Nolan in it, plus who could forget Odd Job with one of the best intro songs.” Movie henchmen tend to be totally expendable, even in Bond movies , but Odd Job is actually a timid sidekick.

7 Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Chinese agent Liu flees with Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies

Tomorrow never dies was surprisingly not number one at the box office when it was first released in 1997, as it was released on the same day as it was released titanic. Part of the disappointing performance was due to the negative reviews, but Orbzthebb considers it the best Bond film. The Redditor comments: “Great action and humor. Top tier banter with Q too.”

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Desmond Llewelyn had played Q in 17 films, and it’s such an achievement that he’s funnier than ever in his 16th film. And while the Redditor is in the minority in considering the 1997 film Bond’s best performance, it contains one of the best 007 scores, and Michelle Yeoh is a badass Bond girl and even more entertaining than the British spy himself.

6 Skyfall (2012)

James Bond fights a henchman on a train in Skyfall

Some think so skyfall is nothing more than a big budget Home alone, as the film ends with Bond and M booby-trapping an old mansion. And the impact on it The dark knight had on the film is clear. Then comes the lover Batman Film almost beat after beat, Raoul Silva allows himself to be captured on purpose only to escape again, just like Joker does in the 2008 epic.

However, despite some minor flaws and uninspired plot developments, skyfall was seen as a major return to form for the franchise, and filmmaker Sam Mendes brought a distinctive vision to the series. JB23808 thinks it’s the best Bond film simply because “skyfall is a visual delight.” The cinematography is on another level, and that’s thanks to veteran cinematographer Roger Deakins, who directed the film. And with the distinctive locations and fights involving Komodo dragons, skyfall is infinitely repeatable.

5 A Look to Kill (1985)

Close-up of Roger Moore with the ring camera in A View to a Kill

A look to kill marked Roger Moore’s final appearance as Bond, and the actor went out with a bang. The film has an all-star cast, and it’s almost like MGM let the fans cast the film. A look to kill features Grace Jones as the coolest Bond girl, and the ever-eccentric Christopher Walken plays a genetically engineered villain. Additionally, Dolph Lundgren performs as Vens, and it is one of the earliest and most entertaining examples of stunt casting.

RogerSterlingsFling considers the 1985 film to be Bond’s best, arguing: “Peak 80s Camp Bond”. There are two sides to the coin, however, as while there may be plenty of campiness and flare-ups in the film, it’s also the most disturbingly violent Bond film to date. And as entertaining as the film is, that’s why it’s actually Moore’s least favorite film of himself.

4 GoldenEye (1995)

Pierce Brosnan as Bond driving a tank in GoldenEye

Gold eye is the first-ever Bond film to star Brosnan, and it’s presented in the best way possible, with an exciting, high-octane, riveting action film. The popcorn flick doesn’t hold back on action sequences and massive set pieces and is certainly the best Bond film in this respect.

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The film features the amazing scenes of Bond escaping the Russian base and the final battle with Trevelyan, but McFigroll is referring to a different epic Gold eye Scene when arguing that it’s for the best. The Redditor notes, “The tank chase is probably my favorite action scene of all time.” Movie fans always refer to it Hunter of the lost treasure when it comes to stunning tank scenes, however Gold eye takes it at his own expense.

3 From Russia With Love (1963)

dr No might have introduced fans to James Bond, but Greetings from Russia is a clearly well-made spy film, the cinematography is stunning and stands as one of the best British films of all time, regardless of genre. Lizpop2003 thinks the pacing of the film is perfect and that after 1963 it’s all downhill. The Redditor comments: “Well planned, a true spy thriller before Bond lined it all up and then started copying and pasting all the tropes of the genre.”

The film feels more natural than any other Bond film, and each subsequent release in the series hasn’t delivered the right spy thrill Greetings from Russia does. The film even has a grossly underappreciated connection to video games that surfaced decades later, and it unfairly lives in the shadow of the influential Gold eye video game.

2 Ghost (2015)

James Bond standing in the snow holding a gun in Spectre

Daniel Craig’s tenure as Bond ended up being a mixed bag, and an odd pattern quickly emerged. All of the odd-numbered releases in its series received critical acclaim, and the even-numbered received heavy criticism. spook is the fourth Craig-led film, and fans and critics felt it struggled to walk the tightrope between serialized and grounded storytelling and classic Bond tropes.

However, TinMachine disagrees, positing, “It’s as grandiose and excessive as the series ever was — but there’s a grace to it,” and they even defend the absurd Blofeld retcon. The film has some surprisingly mesmerizing sequences, like the six-minute tracking shot through the Day of the Dead festival at the Soft Open, and it would make a great video game.

1 Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Sean C0nnery has had an amazing run as Bond since the actor starred in Seven 007 movies, and it’s the most consistently great spread in the franchise. but Diamonds are forever hinted at what the Roger Moore films would unapologetically delve into with their weirdness.

Because of this, the film isn’t quite as revered as Connery’s other outings, but Adamsandleryabish defends it, calling it the best. The Redditor argues, “People are just afraid to admit they love it.” However, watching Bond drive a moon buggy with robotic arms flapping is still a delight, even turning the spy into comic relief.

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