Simon Pegg is an actor known for his comedy films. While he has played several roles that show his range, the Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy, starring Edgar Wright and Nick Frost, remains his most famous work. Fans can easily pick moments that showcase the actor’s skills in each of these three films. His work also spans spy films and classic science fiction, and he brings a special presence to each performance.

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Fans love Simon Pegg for one role or another. Audiences can rate most of his films as favorites and less favorites. Metacritic takes a different approach and ranks its films by computing a world of reviews and comments. As a result, Metacritic determined which films are Simon Pegg’s top films.

10 Star Trek Into the Dark gave Simon Pegg one more run than Scotty

2009 star trek reintroduced a world loved by countless fans and cast Simon Pegg in the role of Scotty. While this film gave Scotty a strong showing, it was the continuation of the franchise, Star Trek Into Darkness, that made connections to the original character.

Simon Pegg, returning as Scotty, allowed fans to see him in his element as the famed engineer of the flagship USS Enterprise. Pegg has great moments where he can express himself in action and drama. For die-hard fans of the 1966s star trek TV series also has some nice dialogue that pays homage to the character’s original incarnation.

9 Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Put Pegg in the action

A film full of action, suspense and jokes, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol was a high-grossing film that played its budget. The audience can watch as the heroes travel to different locations and play with all kinds of spy gadgets. There is never a dull moment.

Metacritic ranks this film as the lowest of Simon Pegg’s top ten. The action-packed film becomes a bit monotonous at times with its chases. Simon Pegg’s Benji becomes a field agent for the first time in the series, allowing fans to enjoy randomly placed humor between dramatic moments.

8th For the love of Spock, Pegg told a funny story

Simon Pegg has very little screen time For the love of Spocka documentary about Leonard Nimoy best known for playing the icon star trek Character. The documentary does a great job exploring how the character of Spock has touched generations of viewers from around the world. It highlights key moments in Nimoy’s life while collecting first-hand accounts that shed light on fascinating events.

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The interview with Simon Pegg is short and includes a story in which Leonard Nimoy fell asleep on set. Even at this moment, Simon Pegg’s respect for the original Spock actor is very visible. It’s clear that Pegg loves the original Tret series.

7 Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation takes advantage of Pegg’s humor

Another action-packed spy outing, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation manages to provide the audience with an entertaining experience. This time the IMF organization faces a group that reflects their talents and actions. Fights, gunfights and chases abound with countless uses of fun shenanigans.

Simon Pegg, playing tech genius Benji Dunn for the third time, is getting more screen time than ever. While still bringing humor to dramatic situations, Simon Pegg is also given deeper moments to act out his character’s fear and emotions. This adds to the interest of the film as Benji is such a lovable fan favorite.

6 Shaun of the Dead made Pegg a movie star

Simon Pegg has played many roles, but none is more associated with his name than Shaun of the Dead. This is the film that brought Simon Pegg to a wider audience. In this interesting take on the zombie genre, Pegg plays an underachiever named Shaun who ends up fighting an undead horde.

While this film is full of laughs and gags, it’s also a slick cinematic experience. The film uses quick cuts, dialogue and several other cinematic tricks to create an interesting watch for the audience. Shaun of the Dead offers a rich story that deals with relatable human situations and more than deserves a spot as one of Simon Pegg’s finest films.

5 Star Wars: The Force Awakens has a quick cameo appearance from Pegg

Few franchises have such a large or diverse fan base as war of stars. After many years of great films and then mediocre prequels, the space opera has had a revival in modern times with a new trilogy. Star Wars: The Force Awakens would be arguably the best of the recent trilogy as it prepared the audience for a new adventure. Several directing issues would cause problems for subsequent productions, but die-hard fans will always show up for another film.

Simon Pegg plays an alien pit boss named Unkar Plutt in this film. His role is insignificant and hardly any fans recognized the actor, either due to makeup or lack of screen time.

4 The End of the World ended the Three Flavors trilogy

The final chapter of the Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy, The end of the world offers an intertwined view of drama and comedy. This film is the darkest of its trilogy, with material venturing into suicide and alcoholism.

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Simon Pegg plays the depressed and nostalgic character Gary King. While performing antics for humor, Gary King’s story turns out to be much deeper and more disturbing than his demeanor first suggests. With a pub crawl gone awry due to an alien invasion, this film delivers great visuals and a well-placed story. Although some consider it the weakest of the Three Flavors trilogy, The end of the world still more than deserves its place on the Metacritic list.

3 Hot Fuzz gave Pegg a chance to show off his action film side

The second and most famous film of the Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy. hot fuzz is an action suspense film that manages to be both satire and great fun. In this film, Simon Pegg stars as Sergeant Nicholas Angel, a metropolitan cop who is transferred to the country. Tired of the slow lifestyle, Nicholas soon discovers a sinister conspiracy hidden in the rural surroundings.

hot fuzz ranks high on Metacritic’s list of the best Simon Pegg films and is the top film in which he plays the main character. This movie is also full of gags and jokes that will stay with viewers long after they see it.

2 Star Trek puts Pegg at the center of a franchise

star trek was a revolutionary experience in the world of science fiction. Many fans can credit this great franchise for their descent into the genre. As with most cornerstone concepts star trek would receive renewal treatment with a new film in 2009.

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Simon Pegg would end up playing Enterprise’s famous chief engineer, Scotty. The film is an entertaining experience and while Peggs doesn’t star Scotty, it does have some memorable scenes. Fans and audiences all agree that this film was indeed a success that respected its source material.

1 Mission: Impossible – Fallout gave Pegg a chance to develop his character

As the highest rated film on Simon Pegg’s Metacritic page, Mission: Impossible – Fallout changes the formula of its predecessors just enough to be more interesting. It still manages to be an action-packed spy movie full of car chases and shenanigans, but it takes audiences further by bringing more heart to this outing. Betrayal, sacrifice, and near-death experiences highlight character development that was lacking in the previous films in the franchise.

Simon Pegg returns in this episode bringing with him everything that fans have enjoyed so far. The character’s dramatic development plays out successfully in some very intense scenes, but he still delivers the jokes when needed.

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