What time is it? Summer! At least that’s what school musical 2 everyone was screaming when it was released nearly 15 years ago. And while the original Disney Channel film didn’t establish the teenage summer movie genre, it definitely helped usher it into the modern age.

Now there are dozens of summer films dedicated exclusively to teenage audiences. Not only do these films have a summer vibe—they’re actually set during the summer break. From summer romance to summers of playing baseball with friends, there’s a movie for everyone to enjoy the season. Teenagers and viewers of all ages can experience these characters vicariously and brave the heat that afflicts their own regions.


10 High School Musical 2 (2007) – 5.1

Just over a year after the success of high school musical, The East High Wildcats returned to the small screen for an epic summer adventure. The film follows Troy, Gabriella and the rest of the Wildcats as they work at a local country club owned by Sharpey and Ryan’s parents.

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This is a great summer movie because it combines fun with the reality of summer jobs, making it relatable for a teenage audience. It also includes some seriously underrated ones high school musical Songs like “Gotta Go My Own Way.”

9 Camprock (2008) – 5.1

Mitchie listens as Shane plays her a song by the lake

The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato became Official Disney Channel Sweethearts in 2008 Camprock premiered in the summer of 2008. The musical DCOM centers on Mitchie, an aspiring musician who gets to attend the prestigious Camp Rock with her mother, who was hired as the camp’s cook. Instead of telling the truth, Mitchie lies about her family to win favor with the popular clique.

Most teenagers would kill for the chance to spend the summer away from their parents at a fun camp where celebrities go, and that’s what makes it Camprock such a great summer movie.

8th Aquamarine (2006) – 5.3


Loosely based on the young adult novel of the same name aquamarine follows two best friends who stumble upon a mermaid who was swept away by a summer storm and is now trapped in the community pool. The discovery puts an end to the best friends’ plan to spend their last days of summer together as they must help Aqua find true love in order to prove her father wrong.

aquamarine packed plenty of summer adventures into the teen movie, including an adorable carnival scene, but it’s the heartwarming friendship between Claire and Hailey that makes this a great summer movie.

7 The Last Summer (2019) – 5.5

The last summer is an underrated anthology film that follows a group of high school seniors as they try to enjoy their last summer together before heading off to their respective colleges. Some of the stories revolve around high school sweethearts who have decided to break up before going to college, and a young working-class student whose dreams of college seem to be fading.

With five different stories following eight different characters, there’s bound to be a summer story that every teenager can relate to. The film also stars well-known young adult acting faces such as KJ Apa, Maia Mitchell and Tyler Posey to name a few.

6 The Last Song (2010) – 5.9

The Last Song: Ronnie and Will are sitting in deckchairs on the beach

Hollywood returned to Nicholas Sparks’ books in 2010 with the release of With a Younger Protagonist The last song. The film follows Ronnie, a rebellious teenager who is forced to spend her summers with her brother and estranged father in a quiet beach town. Against all odds, Ronnie befriends a local and her father, and even reignites her passion for music over the summer.

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Like all Nicholas Sparks adaptations, The Last Songs is equal parts romance and drama. It also offers tons of fun summer activities like sea turtle rescue, beach volleyball games and quiet nights under the stars.

5 Teenage Beach Movie (2013) – 5.9

Teen Beach Movie is one of the most underrated Disney Channel original films of all time. The film revolves around Bradu and McKenzie, who are magically transported into a 1960s musical film after being obliterated while surfing the web. Now the two must find a way to return to the real world or risk disappearing forever.

A slightly modern version Fat, Teen Beach Movie really leans into the summer vibes as the film is set on a beach. It also features fun sleepovers, makeovers, and of course, a great soundtrack.

4 Along for the ride (2022) – 6.1

Auden, Maggie, Esther and Leah are in a car in Along For The Ride

Netflix has a solid selection of teenage summer movies coming in 2022 and With me on the trip turned things upside down. Based on Sarah Desson’s novel of the same name, the film follows Auden, a recent high school senior who spends the summer with her estranged father and his new family. There she eventually befriends a quiet insomniac who helps Auden get out of her own shell.

With me on the trip features all the great summer movie staples, from sleepless nights of adventure to beachside bonfires with friends and epic Fourth of July celebrations; The film leaves no stone unturned.

3 Finding the Ohana (2021) – 6.1

Pili, George, Hana, and Ioane look at a map in Finding Ohana

When find Oana Released on Netflix in 2021, it immediately drew comparisons The Goonies. The film follows two siblings who return to Oahu and discover a journal that promises to lead them to long-lost treasure. As they set out in search of treasure, the siblings reclaim their bond and Hawaiian heritage.

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While find Oana doesn’t have the typical summer movie scenes but loads of adventures which makes up for it. The film also features a fun romantic subplot and a heartwarming sibling relationship.

2 The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005) – 6.5

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was adapted from the 2001 novel series of the same name. The film follows four best friends who, despite their different body types, discover a magical pair of jeans that fits them all. With plans to spend the summer apart, the girls decide to buy the jeans and ship them to each other over the summer to keep in touch.

The film is not only a great film about female friendships, but also a great summer film because it has all sorts of summer stories. Lena takes viewers on a summer in Greece, Bridget shows viewers what it’s like at sports camp, Carmen’s story explores the complexities of divorced parents, and Tibby’s summer proves that you can have adventures without leaving your hometown.

1 The Sandlot (1993) – 7.8

Smalls and the rest of the team celebrate at The Sandlot

The sandbar is arguably one of the best sports movies of all time and a must see summer movie. After moving to Los Angeles in the summer of 1962, Smalls befriends a local group of boys who spend their summer days playing baseball at the local clay court. The boys’ fun, stress-free summer takes a turn when they accidentally hit a baseball signed by Babe Ruth into a backyard guarded by a dog nicknamed “The Beast.”

While The sandbar There are many baseballs, but other summer recreational activities are also explored. Most notably, the boys take part in a local Fourth of July carnival and even stay in the Sandlot tree house.

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