Every decade has its fair share of questionable films. In fact, a few Howlers are released each year; But beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder and many films, including the recent blockbuster Morbius – released April 2022 – had their critical detractors but still managed to garner a significant amount of fanfare.

However, the 2000s was a rare decade for many Redditors as they spawned some really sad movies in their eyes. While the more nuanced qualities of these films have been misunderstood by some, the general consensus among users on Reddit places them firmly in the “objectively bad” category. That’s not to say, however, that even the worst of a bad gang can’t have their admirers.


Cat Woman (2004)

Halle Berry in the 2004 Catwoman film

There was a time when most superhero movies weren’t considered high quality. Arguably the worst was the adaptation starring Halle Berry cat woman who received a total of seven nominations for the “Razzie” award in 2004. Indeed, no film that ties into the DC canon has drawn as much critical ire as director Pitof’s cat woman.

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Thankfully, there have been some more impressive reprisals against Catwoman in film since 2004, but Redditors call Pitof’s vision the worst iteration of the character by far. According to user BlogDog123, the film is remarkably bad in more ways than just acting, saying, “I took a film editing class last year and my professor showed us it cat woman as an example of how not to edit your film.”

The Village (2004)

Bryce Dallas Howard in the village

M.Night Shyamalan is a lover-or-hate director, and his ambitious films, which often rely on a twist in the final act, can fail many viewers. 2004 The village was one of those films, and despite its impressive cast of characters, including Joaquin Phoenix and Adrien Brody, it proved a polarizing affair, to say the least.

The Reddit community is more forgiving of Shyamalan than perhaps some in the film criticism world, but many users still find it so The village being unbearable, even if it has some redeeming qualities. User LegitmatelyWhat comments on the film, “It’s well acted and well shot… just really dumb and proud of itself.”

Electra (2005)

During Pitofs cat woman is perhaps the best-known bad example of a superhero film, Rob Bowman’s 2005 adaptation Electra surely it ran close. The film, starring Jennifer Garner, has an approval rating of just 11% on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics largely unceremoniously dismissing the film as a cinematic dud.

Electra was a spin-off sequel to the 2003 Ben Affleck adaptation starring Ben Affleck daredevil, which was equally poorly received by critics, so one can imagine why a sequel was commissioned in the first place. Redditors are unforgiving in their review of both films, but Bowman’s film in particular, with user DrPreppy saying, “Electra is depressingly bad.”

Planet of the Apes (2001)

Mark Whalberg as Leo alongside Helena Bonham Carter as Ari in Planet of the Apes

before planet of monkeys received a much-needed franchise reboot—in the hands of The Batman Director Matt Reeves, among others – Hollywood’s provocateur of the strange and wonderful, Tim Burton, tried his hand at remaking the popular 1963 novel of the same name. Unfortunately for movie fans, Burton’s film wasn’t the success he expected.

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Redditors, although they admit Burtons planet of monkeys Falling short in so many ways, highlight that one of the few redeeming features was the attention to detail displayed by the makeup department, and particularly the work of the legendary Rick Baker on the film. User ggroover97 says “during Burton’s planet of monkeys isn’t good, I have to say that Rick Baker’s makeup was amazing, as expected.”

From Justin to Kelly (2003)

From Justin to Kelly Clarkson, 10 Terrible Movies

When bad movies of the 2000s are mentioned in Reddit streams, one movie that’s most often used as an example of how bad the decade was for bad movies is the 2003 musical romance From Justin to Kelly. The film was so uncompromisingly horrifying for some that it even won the Razzie Awards and took home the much-maligned 2003 Worst Musical award.

One Reddit user in particular is scathing in his assessment From Justin to Kelly to say, “It’s not even bad in a fun way, it’s just bad in a way that’s really not fun.” I’m not sure if there’s a single thing I would single out positively. Might actually have the worst songs, and the worst singing I’ve ever seen in a musical.”

Pearl Harbor (2001)

Pearl Harbour

The 2000s weren’t a particularly forgiving decade in Ben Affleck’s career. In addition to critical flops such daredevil and Gigli, the controversial WWII romance Michael Bay, pearl harbour, largely made the decade one to forget for the actor.

Pearl Harbour is a misunderstood movie for some, but for many Redditors it’s often cited as one of the worst movies of the ’00s. The film was even famously derided by Trey Parker and Matt Stone team america, in the song “The End of an Act”, which included the lyrics: “Pearl Harbor sucked, but I miss you.” Reddit user ggroover97 says of Bay’s film, “You can tell the studio wanted to repeat the success titanic but failed miserably.”

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000)

A young woman lies on the floor smoking

There have been a lot of great examples of sequels lately, with Top Gun: Maverick, in particular, proves to be a surprising critical success. Many sequels, like Christopher Nolan’s the dark knight, even surpassed the first rate. But alas for fans of the found footage masterpiece The Blair Witch Project, The trick would not be repeated with its continuation book of shadows

One of the great things about the original Blair witch was his found footage style. Questions have even been raised about the film’s legitimacy as a fictional film, such as its chilling realism. Oddly enough, the sequel does away with almost everything that made the original such a stunning experience, and Reddit user RedAllAboutIt7 regrets seeing the film altogether, saying, “I still hate myself for paying to see that.” to see.”

Ultraviolet (2006)

Milla Jovovich caused a stir with her performance in the critically acclaimed 1997 dystopian sci-fi film The fifth Element, but her return to the genre in Kurt Wimmers Ultraviolet was universally panned by the film community. The film has only received an 8% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes since its release in 2006.

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Redditors are quick to mention Ultraviolet in any discussion of bad movies, regardless of the decade they were released, with one Redditor saying, “Any list of bad movies that might contain Ultraviolet must include Ultraviolet. I’ve never seen worse action scenes outside of college movies.”

Scary Movie (2000)

Before comic book franchises became commonplace in the world of cinema, left, right and center satirical parody franchises were produced. That Scary movie Franchise was perhaps the most famous of these and was spawned in the wake of the popular Scream movies.

For many Redditors, the Scary movie Franchising was an unnecessary and unfunny venture, considering that Scream itself is a rewarding dark comedy in its own right. User fzvw decides to quote a line from the sitcom community when checking scary movie, to say, “There is a time and place for subtlety, and that time was before Scary movie.

The Happening (2008)

Mark Wahlberg looks appropriately confused as the madness of The Happening unfolds around him.

M. Night Shyamalan ended the 2000s with what must have been two bad films The village and the happening but the latter was perhaps the critical coup de grace for his legacy as a respected auteur filmmaker. The film scored a sad 18% on the critical collection site Rotten Tomatoes, and it was hardly redeemed by the spectators.

Reddit users often mock Shyamalan’s films, but Mark Wahlberg stars The happening doesn’t go down well in discussions. User Jeeonta unequivocally notes “The happening honestly is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.” Reviews don’t get much more scathing than that. Lucky for fans of Shyamalan’s earlier work, his 2021 film Old was a return to form for the director.

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