As usual, HBO leads the 2022 Primetime Emmy nominations with 104 nominations. The biggest show of the hour successor leads the industry at 25, and The White Lotus dominates the limited series categories with 20 total. With the awards ceremony still two months away, HBO is already the clear winner. So to celebrate the nominations, take the weekend to meet all the worthy nominees on HBO Max.

But for those who don’t care about the Emmys, that’s okay. With new TV shows and movie releases on the streaming service, HBO Max has even more to offer. The highly anticipated comedy series The sample just premiered, and The Bob’s Burgers Movie has made its streaming debut. Add these movies and TV shows to your watchlist to watch on HBO Max this weekend.

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Follow-up Season 3 continues the family feud

At the head of the HBO pack this Emmy Award season is the third season of successor. With nine episodes and dramatic family fights successor is a force to be reckoned with. successor follows the Roy family, owners of Waystar Royco, a global media company (the Murdoch family is an obvious inspiration for the Roys). The siblings struggle for control after their father Logan Roy’s health declines. For those who have never seen it successor, it’s worth a watch for the cast alone; Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin and Matthew Macfadyen all deliver outstanding performances. And of course Alan Ruck as Roy’s firstborn child.

The season two finale ended on a fiery note – Logan’s obsequious and guilt-ridden son Kendall blew it all up by blaming the blame for the cruise ship scandal on his father. He’s all alone except for cousin Greg, who always looks like he’s about to throw up. Season 3 picks up right where the season 2 finale left off and continues to follow the family as a distracted Kendall attempts to campaign against Logan’s leadership while also attempting to keep the company in the family name. The season 3 finale is a head-turner with a surprising cliffhanger that executes betrayal and pain in the smoothest possible way.

The White Lotus brings together the strangest of people

Arguably the standout limited series of this awards season is The White Lotus. Other limited series such as The Dropout, pam and tommy and Intoxicated are competitors, however The White Lotus Has everything. From a healthy mix of suspense and comedy to groundbreaking performances, The White Lotus is the baby of the HBO Max limited series. With a cast consisting of Jennifer Coolidge, Murray Bartlett, Connie Britton and Sydney Sweeney, this September show will be hard to top.

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But the cast isn’t the only reason The White Lotus is as successful as it is. The delicious writing style also contributes to this. Taking place in just one week The White Lotus takes place at a Hawaiian resort that the locals obviously don’t enjoy sharing their home with. Guests have arrived for the week – including a privileged and isolated family, a honeymooning couple and a woman who recently lost her mother – and they are being cared for by recovering drug addict Armond, the resort’s manager. Each day, his patience is tested by guests, whose true (sometimes horrifying, sometimes misunderstood) personalities surface.

The Probe gives unconventional solutions to real problems

The sample has rightly been called brilliant and magnificent by critics. TV shows these days are pushing boundaries with experimental premises. AppleTV+ severance pay is one of the best series of this year by building a dystopian society that almost feels like to real. on netflix, Squid Game takes a conversation in class and turns it into a literal game of life and death. Now HBO Max is joining the party The sample.

Ever wanted to prepare for big moments in advance? That’s the question creator, director and star Nathan Fielder wants to answer The sample. In the docu-comedy series, Fielder sets up practice sessions to help people prepare for potential problems. Fielder hovers over every “candidate,” so to speak, and is deeply involved in ensuring everyone finds the safest approach before actually doing what they’re practicing. Whether it’s leaking a juicy secret or taking care of a newborn, Fielder has all his bases covered. Fielder makes the right move in his TV comeback The sample. Maybe he was rehearsing his success?

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The film “Bob’s Burgers” puts the family in a summer crisis

Moving on to movies: HBO Max just released the animated musical comedy The Bob’s Burgers Movie. Based on the animated TV series of the same name, the film sees the original cast reprising their roles as Bob and the rest of his family in another of their adventures. The film follows the Belcher family as a hole in the ground opens in front of their restaurant, ruining the business. The disaster makes it difficult for Bob and Linda to pay off a business loan they can’t get an extension on.

The kids’ problems include Tina struggling to manage a possible summer affair, Gene reforming his band, and Louise becoming a victim of bullying over an incident at the playground. While it can be helpful to watch some of the animated series to know what’s going on in the movie, it’s also not strictly necessary. The Bob’s Burgers Movie is an all round good time, even for those who have no idea what they are getting into when they click on the movie.

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Godzilla (2014) reinvents the iconic monster

As the 30th film in the godzilla Franchise it might seem like a little overkill to continue the fight all over again. It seems it’s time to hang up godzilla Hat, but unfortunately cinematic universes are all the rage these days, and godzilla gotta get on the train. Come in godzilla (2014), rebooted the franchise and launched Legendary’s MonsterVerse, which is now in development as a television series.

But don’t let the over-the-top cash heist fool you – godzilla was critically acclaimed and helmed by a star cast including Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen and Bryan Cranston. It follows Taylor-Johnson as a soldier caught in the crossfire of a rivalry between Godzilla and two parasitic monsters. Is it just a bunch of CGI monsters fighting? Yes, but it’s the kind of action viewers need when they’ve just watched an entire season successor or The White Lotus.

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