Since the smash hit debut of 2008 iron man from Marvel Studios, the superhero genre has completely overtaken cinemas worldwide. Marvel Studios is currently at the top of the pack, closely followed by DC and Warner Bros, along with a host of other comic book companies creating films based on some of their most popular characters (e.g. Valiant and the bloodshot Movie). The television arena has also now been hit by an influx of superhero shows, with franchises such as Invincible and The young to get some of the best ratings and reviews for superhero shows.

Faced with the ever-saturated crowd of superhero media audiences, studios have come up with tricks and extravaganzas to engage and entertain audiences in their films and shows. From exciting team-ups like The Avengers (2012), on CGI Visual Festes in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, companies did their best to induce adrenaline rushes. One of the latest trends to engage audiences is the unveiling of new superhero suits. From tattered, inaccurate creations to clean and slick comic book adaptations, here are the best superhero suits to be revealed on film and TV.

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5 Sam Wilson’s Captain America suit

One of the most popular Disney+ Marvel shows was The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, following the exploits of Sam Wilson (Falcon) and Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) as they attempt to stop a terrorist group from blowing up a key United Nations meeting; along with the two arguing about Captain America’s legacy now that Steve Rogers is gone. Following five episodes of political thrillers, explorations of racism in America and the legacy of heroes; Sam and Bucky fly to New York as fast as they can to stop Karli Morganthau and her group from carrying out their evil plans. Just as they are about to, Sam Wilson flies in through the window in his brand new suit. Mixing the Captain America look with his vintage Falcon wings, Sam Wilson (the all-new Captain America) brought a fresh, exciting look to the coat, and his debut was one of the best suit reveals ever.


4 The Incredibles family suits

One of the earliest animated superhero films and one of the most popular superhero films of all time is Pixars The Incredibles. Following the story of two super-powered parents forced to return to normal life after superheroes were banned, a family together (with children who inherited powers) began. But as expected, they’ve been pulled back into business after a villain from Mr. Incredible’s past comes back to the herd with a superweapon that can kill heroes. A unique approach to the genre, The Incredibles had one of the funniest supersuit reveals in cinema (matching family suits) designed by noted costume designer Edna Mode. The suits are characterized by a simple design, bright colors and a family atmosphere The Incredibles have proven themselves almost twenty years later.

3 Wonder Woman’s Battlefield debut

One of the biggest films of 2017 and the first female-led superhero film in quite some time, wonder woman was an intriguing and fresh take on the character since her TV shows of years past. Starring Gal Gadot, the film took a different approach to other origins, with the story itself taking place during the height of World War I in 1917. After Steve Trevor arrives in Themyscira, Diana decides to join him in the human world to stop Ares (the god of war). During her journey, she and her fellow travelers are drawn into a battle between the trenches. In arguably the coolest sequence of any superhero movie, Diana walks through “no man’s land” in the sleek and shiny crimson and blue armor, blocking bullets and enemy artillery to get across. The cinematography was ideal during these scenes, showing her suit in the best possible way.

2 Daredevil gets the red suit

The best series of the acclaimed Netflix Marvel TV shows, daredevil ran for three seasons (with a fourth now on the way from Disney and Marvel Studios) and was hugely popular with audiences. For most of Season 1, Matt Murdock (Daredevil) wore a makeshift, albeit comic-accurate, black suit of t-shirt and pants, along with a black cloth mask. In the season finale, when Daredevil Wilson is stalking Fisk, who escaped containment; He debuts wearing the classic red armored suit and mask with horns made for him by Melvin Potter (the Gladiator in Marvel Comics). With the night shadows and streetlights illuminating his vision, Daredevil looked as menacing as ever when he took on the Kingpin.

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1 Bloodshot (2020)

Although considered a mixed film (5.7/10 on IMDB and 30% on Rotten Tomatoes), bloodshot was a visual spectacle of a movie, and no scene demonstrates the skill better than when Ray Garrison’s (Vin Diesel) Bloodshot look is finally accomplished at the end of the movie. while he dr. Chasing Harting, Bloodshot emerges from the smoke, red nanobots contracting him in full brilliance, death’s pale skin marking his devotion. The full reveal of the look is one of the bright spots in an otherwise average film.

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